Students laugh throughout ‘Monkey Business’

“Monkey Business” M. Monroe & Cary Grant 1952 20th. Image courtesy

The crowd bursts into laughter as Barnaby Fulton accidentally drinks a fountain of youth potion, and becomes a 20 year-old college kid again. Fulton’s life spiraled out of control at Moffett Movie Madness’s screening of Howard Hawks’ “Monkey Business.” The Golden Globe-nominated film stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, and received positive reviews from the 50 or so students who attended.

“Everything went well,” said mass communication lecturer Christopher D’Amico who led discussion on the movie. “They enjoyed themselves. They enjoyed the tenderness of love that these characters can provide to the audience.”

The students attending, including computer science freshman Gracie Latham, praised the film’s actors at the Feb. 7 event.

“I loved it,” Latham said. “Cary Grant was so good! Ginger Rogers is such a good actress and plays the part so well. As does Marilyn Monroe.”

Latham said she enjoyed “any part that had Cary Grant in it.”

D’Amico said, “Cary Grant was a man’s man. He was a gentleman’s gentleman. He was able to get the girl and not make it seem like he was chasing her. He uses his words, verbal and nonverbal communication with ladies”

Mass communication freshman Kalyn Crow said, “I like Marilyn Monroe. I thought it was funny. It had a good storyline.”

The students who attended said they came because they saw the posters around campus, or just happened to be in the library at the right time. Or maybe it was the extra credit. Or free popcorn.

“It’s nice to actually leave my room for once and do something,” said Latham. “I saw the posters. As soon as I saw it was Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers I figured it might be something interesting. I like movies.”

The next Moffett Movie Madness screening will be “Burden of Dreams” on March 7.