Jesse Brown: the man behind the city council candidate


Jessie Brown, graduate student, enjoys the warmth of the Homecomig bonfire on Oct. 27. Photo by Izziel Latour.

Jessie Brown, graduate student, enjoys the warmth of the Homecomig bonfire on Oct. 27. Photo by Izziel Latour.

Jesse Brown, 22, is running unopposed for City Council in Wichita Falls. If elections go as planned, Brown may be the youngest city councilman Wichita Falls has had.

Brown graduated last spring with a degree in criminal justice and now works at the university as Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership Programming.

“I even have this fax number; I mean how many people have fax numbers? That’s when you know you’ve made it,” Brown said.

After graduation, he took eight weeks off to just relax but also to begin his campaign. He attended three bachelors parties, was a groomsman in three weddings, and finally after four years, got to start watching Dexter, a Showtime original series.

During his time off, Brown has refocused on his three major goals.

“Build a better relationship with the Lord, and my family, kind of all my relationships. Then it’s 4.0 in the MBA and then it’s to be the best city councilor on the council, period,” Brown said.

“One of the worst things is finally realizing that you’ve got to pay back student loans. That’s why I started my MBA, I just prolonged it,” Brown said, who is in his first semester of the masters program for business administration.

Brown is engaged to Jordan Ward, a recent masters program student at MSU. The two met after Ward moved to Brown’s hometown, Alvord, Texas. They have been sweethearts since seventh grade, which adds up to 10 years of dating. They went to different colleges; she went to a school in Oklahoma where she played basketball. Brown proposed to Ward on her senior night, at her game basketball game at half-court in front of a couple thousand fans. In August, Ward moved to Wichita Falls, and the two will be getting married May 27, 2017.

Brown graduated from high school with a bad taste in his mouth toward being involved in school. In high school he was football captain, involved in Future Farmers of America and was class president. He was exhausted and needed a break.

Brown realized not being involved wasn’t enough after coming to college with his twin brother, Clayton Brown, living off campus and having 8 a.m. classes where no one talked.

He soon joined Kappa Alpha Order, became a peer counselor which eventually led to being head peer counselor. His accomplishments include: Greek man of the year (twice), MSU man of the year (twice), being the recipient of multiple scholarships, president of KA in 2012-2014, student regent on the Board of Regents 2014-2015, student government president 2015-2016, and graduated valedictorian.

Brown is a true Texan with a love for football and he takes pride in his favorite team: the Dallas Cowboys. 

Brown, like every good American, has a soft spot for Disney movies with his favorite being Toy Story.

He enjoys eating at local restaurants such as Ronnie’s Burgers, McBride’s Steakhouse and has to stop at Spicy Mexico every time he’s in Bowie.