Baby, we’re coming home!

  MSU students, faculty and staff celebrated the annual Homecoming week with a bonfire, football game, tailgating, parade, lip sync and various contests. More photos to be updated in the next couple of days! … [Read more...]

Sold – An area at MSU can be named after you

Want your name on a campus building? It’s as easy an opening your wallet. MSU, in an attempt to raise money, has launched a “naming opportunity” to attract private donations. For a set amount of money, individuals can have buildings, classrooms, halls or even equipment named after them. It isn’t … [Read more...]

Battle of the Sexes

MSU chapter of NAACP tackle the battle of the sexes by discussing gender and race issues and stereotypes By Donace Wilkinson Racial and gender stereotypes are perpetuated by the media and society. The problem is ignorance. The solution is education. The MSU chapter of the National Association … [Read more...]

Administration revamps job positions

After a four percent drop in enrollment this semester, MSU is shifting gears. Three administrative positions have been restructured. Dr. Keith Lamb, former vice president of student affairs, has had “enrollment management” added to his title. MSU President Dr. Jesse Rogers said Lamb was selected … [Read more...]

It pays to work at MSU

The university paid workers $29,979,809 in FY2012   Midwestern State University is once again listed as one of the top ten  employers in Wichita Falls, providing jobs to more than 1,000 people. After Shepaprd Air Force Base, Wichita Falls ISD, Noth Texas State Hospital, United Regional … [Read more...]

Students consume Adderall as study aid

By Edgar Miller Adderall, a prescription drug for ADHD, has become one of the latest crazes for students trying to stay awake and study. At MSU, some students are doing whatever they can to get their hands on these “study aids.” Whether it is asking for pills from friends or buying them from a … [Read more...]

Campus police release 2010 crime data

  The Midwestern State University Police Department has released its annual Clery Crime Statistics for 2010. The Clery report requires institutions of higher education to prepare, publish and distribute a report of campus crime data annually. The report shows an increase in burglaries … [Read more...]

Partisan politics polarize the U.S.

American politics today is rife with polarization between conservatives and liberals, according to political analyst Mark Shields. The contributor to the Washington Post, CNN and PBS spoke to the MSU community Tuesday night on the state of political discourse in the United States. “There is … [Read more...]

Student loan default rates on the rise

 By Donance Wilkinson Student loan default rates of MSU students hit 7.1 percent in 2009, brought on by borrowers’ struggles with unemployment in the weak economy. The default rates for fiscal year 2009—the most recent data released by the Department of Education – show national student loan … [Read more...]

And the winner is…

Anastasia Reed - Mass Communication Senior Why are you running for homecoming? Homecoming is a tradition I never experienced in high school. I attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Homecoming and football games were things I never experienced until I came to … [Read more...]