To the girl who said, “NO”

I wish I knew your name so I could find you and hug you. I can't imagine what you must be dealing with. Hearing your story was heartbreaking. I think I speak on behalf of many students when I say: you're not alone. Picking up the pieces after a horrific crime against you isn't something I'll … [Read more...]

Former astronaut, Scott Parazynski, speaks to a crowd of 325

Few seats were empty Tuesday night in Akin Auditorium as former astronaut Scott Parazynski spoke as part of the Artist-Lecture series. "When we go to extraordinary, extreme places on and off the planet, it forces us to think in new ways and [think about] those new technologies that benefit us here … [Read more...]

First-year tips from an upperclassman

You’ve made the grades, applied for college and now been accepted. Now, your days are spent in the pricey bookstore buying up all of the pens and daily planners. You’re eager and ready for your start into university life.Pause.Your world is about to change.FRIENDS. What friends? Not all of your … [Read more...]

Nearly 500 students to call Legacy Hall home

Within days after classes were out in May of 2015, the parking lot behind Pierce Hall was blocked off. Residents lost 220 parking spaces.During the next 18 months, contractors turned the parking lot into a five-story, 500-bed, $35 million residence hall due to be completed Aug. 1.Now named Legacy … [Read more...]

MSU: Texas’ only public liberal arts school

Passionate ballet dancers aspire to enroll at Julliard. And want-to-be lawyers are attracted to the Harvard appeal.For Midwestern State University, its identity is centered around being the only public liberal arts school in Texas and the only Texas school to be a member of the Council of Public … [Read more...]

What I’ve learned by requesting an FOI

It all started with a simple FOI request. On March 14 I sent the custodian of the records an FOI request for copies of the bids used in the new mass communication building. The bidding was closed and construction has begun. The bid amounts are public information and anyone can request information … [Read more...]

The best and worst day of my life

After one of a million familiar fights with my live-in boyfriend and one very hard year, I lifted the pill bottle and swallowed up what was left and then chased it with a mouthful of liquor.Then I went to bed and laid beside him.And waited.The next thing I remember, he was rushing me to the … [Read more...]

Few changes noticed since open carry laws changed Jan. 1

911 Caller: “Oh my God, that was really close…!”Dispatcher: ”OK”Gunfire....GunfireDispatcher: “What’s your name, ma’am?”911 Caller: “I’m Patti.”This was an actual 911 call made by Patti Nielson from the library during the Columbine School shooting. In the seconds following, Eric Harris and Dylan … [Read more...]

Pundits try to find ‘Common Ground’

Calvin “Cal” Thomas and Bob Beckel spoke Tuesday evening to a nearly full house, as part the Artist-Lecture Series in Akin Auditorium.The two longtime – friends spoke on Common Ground, a political column that ran in USA Today from 2005 until the end of 2015.Thomas, a conservative Republican … [Read more...]

Blood drive yields average response

Food court smells may have been drawing in lunch guests, while nearby volunteers from the Residence Hall Association, were drawing in a decent size crowd as well, signing the public up to save three lives for every pint of blood they donated. Sam Metzler, business freshman, sat behind the sign in … [Read more...]