Fazekas’ bumpy ride to signing with development league

About 18 Mustangs for the men’s soccer team are playing in the Premier Development League this summer to help maintain physical conditioning and prepare for the upcoming season. Noah Fazekas, mass communication junior and goalkeeper, signed with Grand Rapids in Michigan for the summer.“I'm signing … [Read more...]

I learned confidence, skills

Coming to MSU was a nerve-racking experience for me since I didn’t like to be away from home. I only live a couple hours away, but I still got home sick easily. After I got settled into my dorm room, I realized I wasn’t homesick. Maybe it was because I knew my sister was a couple of blocks away or … [Read more...]

Three cyclists take a break from competition

After starting cycling at young ages, Luke Allen, sophomore Spanish and political science major, Garrett Hobbs, junior finance, and Cameron Lowery, junior nursing, decided to take a semester off from competition to focus on school and work."It really is like a full time job when you think about it," … [Read more...]

Football offices find a new home

Renovations for D.L. Ligon Coliseum eight years ago left the football coaches without any offices. They were moved to the houses at 2508 and 2510 Hampstead.“They were in prehistoric conditions over in these houses over on Hampstead,” said Athletic Director Charlie Carr.“They were not very … [Read more...]

Rain causes leaks in Fain Fine Arts

Rain causes leaks in Fain Fine Arts from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Monday morning seemed normal until Carlos Aleman found water leaking from the ceiling in the Juanita Harvey Art Gallery in the Fain Fine Arts building. This brought attention to other faculty members to check rooms in … [Read more...]

Moonlight Stampede to support Crime Stoppers

Moonlight Stampede to support Crime Stoppers from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Mustangs Moonlight Stampede, a campus walk designed to increase awareness about drug usage and to raise money for MSU Crime Stoppers, will be April 24. Elwyn Ladd, police officer, says Midwestern State and 13 other … [Read more...]

Mustang basketball teams prepare for regionals

Mustang basketball teams prepare for regionals from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. With the NCAA Division 2 basketball championship beginning on March 13, both the men's and women's basketball teams have been selected to fight for a national championship. “Any time you can get to the tournament, … [Read more...]

Officials sign new dining hall contract

https://vimeo.com/120008715 After 19 years of business with Aramark, administrators have decided not to renew Aramark's contact with the company. The Food Service Committee has recommended Chartwells to the Board of Regents. “We (Housing and Dining Services) were looking for a provider that … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day brings mixed emotions to campus

http://vimeo.com/119413162 Valentine’s Day originated from the pagan celebration of Lupercalia.  According to History, more than 150 million cards and gifts are traded a year. “I sent him a package with a little teddy bear and a card in it. And apparently he’s sending me something too," says … [Read more...]

Setting up Fantasy of Lights takes more than 600 hours

http://vimeo.com/112777615 The Fantasy of Lights is a tradition that has been on campus for 40 years. With 13 maintenance workers and a few volunteers, it takes 600 to 800 hours to set up all the displays. Most of the refurbished maintenance is done before set up or after the Fantasy of … [Read more...]