Music professor gives his final encore

Norval Crews retires after 43 years of service Saxophone, clarinet, flute; is there any instrument Norval Crews can’t play? Probably not. Crews has dedicated 43 years of his life teaching music to students at MSU, and in a few short weeks, he will be retired. “I awakened one morning and … [Read more...]

Hollywood bound through MSU

I can honestly say it has been an interesting few years here in Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls is honestly one of those places that is easy for everyone to complain about, but after much thought and consideration, it was one of the best things that has happened to me. Even though I will be moving the … [Read more...]

Students celebrate professor’s retirement

Kappa Kappa Psi hosts party, shares memories of director Larry Archambo, professor of music, was honored for his many years of hard work and dedication April 20 at the Sikes Lake Center.  Students were able to share their appreciation and memories with the professor during the retirement party. … [Read more...]

Home alone for spring break

Okay, so maybe you are stuck here in Wichita Falls for spring break but do not be too upset because it may not be as bad as you think. Even though I am not staying in Wichita Falls over spring break, I have before and I have thought of a few ways you can enjoy your stay here. First find another … [Read more...]

$25k budget increase issued to cheerleading program

Cheer squad granted funding for future national competitions The cheerleaders should not just get recognition for being on the sidelines, because our cheerleaders have been winning their own "playoffs" for the past 10 years. The competition team ranked sixth at the University Cheerleaders … [Read more...]

University to spend $75k for drought water well project

It is no secret that water levels have been low in Wichita Falls for a while now. Midwestern is taking precautions to ensure water supply resources are put into effect. "The lakes are at a low level (<40 percent) so we need to conserve," Assistant Director of Facilities Services Rich Frank … [Read more...]

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? Are you wallowing in your own self-pity because you are alone? Well stop, because you are looking at this fabulous holiday all wrong. Here are some positive thoughts about Valentine’s Day! First of all you may think being alone in your apartment is sad … [Read more...]

Finding their center

Students balance their schoolwork with play practice On Feb. 8, the Wichita Theatre went back to 50’s with their rendition of the musical Grease. This production brought attention to many actors of all ages, but some of Midwestern State’s own had the honor of being a part of it. “We have … [Read more...]

Cafe services defend food selections, answer student

Since the beginning of school cafeterias, the food has always gotten a bad rap, but the director of dining services at MSU, Michael Clifton, is trying to put an end to it. The 17-year veteran of dining services has been making changes over the past seven years he has been at … [Read more...]

Experience leads Sweeney Todd

Senior vocal performance major prepares for big role Lights, camera, action! With some 30 students rehearsing their roles and dozens more preparing sets, costumes and makeup, the theater and music departments are almost one month into rehearsals for their rendition of the musical Sweeney … [Read more...]