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Gamers unify under new organization

Justin Garner, Reporter

February 6, 2019

There has always been a divide between casual and competitive gamers, but Mustangs Unified Gamers aims to change that.  The new organization was created with the idea of an open environment for casual, competitive, and even non-gamers to all thrive and have fun together. Founder of MUG, art senior...

‘Ready, Player One’ presents a fun trip down memory lane

‘Ready, Player One’ presents a fun trip down memory lane

Brian Lang, Film Critic

April 3, 2018

In an ever-growing genre of great video game movies (Wreck-It Ralph, Jumanji, Tomb Raider, etc.), it may seem like another addition might become white noise. Steven Spielberg's newest masterpiece, “Ready, Player One,” is one of my favorite action movies of the year and arguably one the best video ...

Pokémon Go finds cult following on campus

Christopher Castillo

March 20, 2018

Despite Pokémon GO losing popularity two years ago, the app still has a presence on campus. The location-based mobile game Pokémon GO arrived in app stores on July 6, 2016. Garnering millions of downloads and users, the game became a widespread addiction across the country; however, due to slo...

A gamer’s dream world: PAX West

Tyler Manning

September 4, 2017

From Sept. 1-4, I had the immense privilege of attending The Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington, also known as PAX West. For those unaware of what PAX West is, PAX West is a gaming convention held in Seattle (originally held in Bellevue, Washington) where game developers, famous gaming ...

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