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Students learn about ‘Slavery in Libya, Beyond’

Dierrica Smith, mass communication senior, is one of the first students to attend Syreeta Greene, director of equity, inclusion, and multicultural affairs, discussion

Herbert McCullough

February 6, 2018

On Feb. 5, staff from the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs hosted a presentation called "Slavery in Libya & Beyond." This presentation was about the recent discovery of a slave trade that was reported in Libya by the IOM. Syreeta Greene, director of Equity, Inclusion, and...

I’m black. This will not be a place I call home.

The Wichitan

January 27, 2016

I will lose out on job opportunities. I will be called hurtful names, especially since I am a black, dark-skinned woman. People will suspect I want to steal from them and they will hold onto their purses if I am around with the assumption that I am uneducated and waiting to feed off the “white man...

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