Students have opportunities to get engaged

Samantha Forester

Students have opportunities to get engaged from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

With the first few weeks of school behind them, students are going to get the opportunity to fill their free time and become involved on campus.

After the honeymoon phase of college comes to an end, new students will have an opportunity to learn new ways to get involved in any number of campus activities during Engagement Week Sept. 16-19.

“Engagement Week is just a week of activities that’s going to be planned in the fourth week of school,” Kevin Bazner, assistant director of student development and orientation, said.

Hosted by the student development and orientation office, the week’s events includes organization fairs, leadership conferences, Greek introductions and many more. The preparations and brainstorming for an event like this has been an on-going process. But the students involvement is what is kept in mind.

“The conversation that happened throughout the spring semester and over the summer was how do we really kind of market the involvement and engagement opportunities to our students,” Bazner said.

This week of events is a first for the university and the on campus organizations are set to benefit from it. Recruitment for the various organizations that will be presented over that week comes at little cost to the organizations. With the entire event pre-planned by the student development and orientation office, organizations can take advantage of the added exposure to students.

“Students can get involved and we just kind of took the reins of saying hey we want to promote your activities and showcase to the students what they can potentially get involved in,” Bazner said.

Students should download the guidebook which will send them updates of events that are happening throughout the semester.  Bazner said he hopes to continue with this week of events every fall semester, when the largest influx of students hit the campus.