The Wichitan’s Song of the Week: “Nobody Gets Me”

SZAs Nobody Gets Me comes from the artists sophomore album, SOS, 2022. Photo courtesy of Top Dawg.

SZA’s “Nobody Gets Me” comes from the artist’s sophomore album, “SOS,” 2022. Photo courtesy of Top Dawg.

Welcome to the first edition of The Wichitan’s Song of the Week for the spring semester of 2023! This week’s pick is “Nobody Gets Me” by American R&B singer-songwriter SZA. Released Dec. 9 as the 14th track on her sophomore studio album “SOS,” “Nobody Gets Me” is about struggling to let go and reminiscing about the good times of a bad relationship. Long anticipated by her fans, SZA’s second album has been greatly accepted by the masses and I for one am a huge fan of both the song and the album.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Solána Imani Rowe, better known by her stage name SZA, is a Grammy-winning and Academy Award-nominated singer-songwriter most famously known for her critically acclaimed 2017 freshman album, “Ctrl.” Since her meteoric rise to fame, SZA has become a prominent and successful name in the music industry, working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and Doja Cat. Although music wasn’t what SZA originally ever saw herself doing as a career choice, she most definitely has the talent for it and that’s evident in her continuous admiration – not just from fans of her music but critics and award committees.

“Nobody Gets Me” is my favorite song from her “SOS” album and from her discography as a whole. In “Nobody Gets Me,” SZA talks about how she misses her ex and wishes she can get back with him despite the fact that she acknowledges that the relationship was not a healthy one. She explains that she can’t let go of the feelings she has for him because she liked who she was with him and loved how he understood her. Now, she hates that no one will ever understand her the way he did. Regardless of SZA’s incessant reminiscing, she acknowledges that the relationship was not without faults but she doesn’t seem to be fazed by it.

Lyricism is a very important aspect of any song and SZA is no stranger to the concept. Over the span of her career, SZA has been highly credited for her talent in lyricism of which she showcased in “Nobody Gets Me.” SZA perfectly captures her feelings through explicit lyrics, carefully curated syntax choices and repetition. My favorite lyric in the entire song is: 

“How am I supposed to tell ya?

I don’t wanna see you with anyone but me.

Nobody gets me like you.

How am I supposed to let you go?

Only like myself when I’m with you.

Nobody gets me, you do.”

American writer Simone Elkeles once stated that “There is a thin line between Love and Hate,” and “Nobody Gets Me” proves her right. “SOS” is a great listen but “Nobody Gets Me” is a song everyone needs to listen to. I recommend you go listen to it today.