Disc golf joins university’s sports roster


Nursing senior Nic Hubbert tries to send his disc closer to the goal as the sun sets behind him, 2022. Photo courtesy of Nic Hubbert.

Nearly every city has a park with chain metal baskets that seem- to the untrained eye- to be randomly dispersed around the area. Those ‘randomly dispersed’ baskets are actually strategically placed targets for an ever-growing and evolving sport: disc golf. Disc golf is widely played leisurely but is also played competitively by college and professional players alike. 

Disc golf is unique among sports in that it combines frisbee and traditional golf together. Players use carefully constructed “discs” to reach the basket using the fewest throws possible. For golf lovers the sport offers a game that can be much easier than traditional golf at times, and is typically free of charge. Now MSU has its own disc golf team, primarily due to Nic Hubbert, nursing senior. 

“I actually started the MSU disc golf team to not only grow the sport of disc golf in Wichita Falls but to also be able to compete on a collegiate level. Disc golf is a fun, relaxing and relatively low cost sport, there’s no green fees to play and all you have to have is a few discs and a couple friends to have fun,” Hubbert said. 

Hubbert’s goal is on track to be achieved; the sport is rapidly growing in both the MSU community and on a professional level. The growth has even spurred the addition of multiple new courses in Wichita Falls. 

 “Our community now [has] 6 courses and a 7th champions level course being put in. Wichita Falls is being put on the map, which opens up opportunities for huge tournaments!” Hubbert said.  

With these new courses being added, and the disc golf community in Wichita Falls growing, tournaments are a real possibility. In fact, the disc golf team is hosting its own tournament in hopes of gaining publicity for the team and establishing itself as a real competitor in the collegiate disc golf scene. 

“Coming up on September 24 the MSU Disc Golf Team will be hosting a huge tournament at Lucy Park and Lake Wichita as a fundraiser for the MSU Competitive Disc Golf Team to attend the Texas Collegiate State Championship in San Marcos, Texas this November,” Hubbert said.

An event like this offers an opportunity for the team to grow its sport and gain support – not only on campus but from Wichita Falls as a whole. 

“Since we are an extremely young organization, we haven’t had any opportunities to do events and activities with the team,” Morgan Holcomb, nursing junior, said. 

By young, Holcomb means that the team was established only six months ago, and Hubbert said they have “roughly 16 players and five competitive members.” 

“[I hope] this tournament is successful. Not only will the success of this tournament kickstart our team, but hopefully it’ll bring in more students that are interested in playing,” Holcomb said.

Every team starts somewhere, and support from students on campus has allowed the MSU disc golf team to start out strong. Hubbert added that the team has had a few small events, but this tournament coming up is what he hopes will propel them forward and set up their future as a collegiate competitor. 

With the team growth as a major priority, Holcomb said the team is always looking for new members.

“Come try it out!” Holcomb said. “We are always looking for people to come play with us during our practices.”

Hubbert said students who are looking to go out for a leisurely round, or possibly join the team, can feel comfortable knowing that disc golf is a beloved sport for many, and there’s a good chance to find peers out on a course. 

Nursing senior Nic Hubbert stands next to a strategically placed goal basket, 2022. Photo courtesy of Nic Hubbert.
Nursing senior Nic Hubbert stands next to a strategically placed goal basket, 2022. Photo courtesy of Nic Hubbert.

“Here at MSU it’s no surprise to venture out to one of the several courses within our city and see students playing,” said Hubbert. 

Hubbert stressed that any students are welcome to give the sport a try, and said the disc golf team supports players who are new to the sport.

“No matter your age, experience level, athletic ability or knowledge of the sport, the disc golf team is open to any and everyone interested in learning, playing or even trying the sport! If you don’t have discs don’t worry, we have plenty and would love for anyone that’s willing to come try it out, to give it a shot!” Hubbert said. 

Students interested in disc golf can try their hand at the MSU Open GDG 5k/10k Event at Lake Wichita and Lucy Park Sept. 24. Entry is $45 for junior and recreational entry, and up to $75 for the pro division. For more information, or to register, go to www.dscgolfscene.com.

Nursing senior Nic Hubbert winds up for a throw towards a goal, 2022. Photo courtesy of Nic Hubbert.
Nursing senior Nic Hubbert winds up for a throw towards a goal, 2022. Photo courtesy of Nic Hubbert.