The Wichitan’s song of the week: “Crash”


“Crash” is one of the lead singles from Clara Mae’s recent EP, “Learning Experience,” 2022.

For the third edition of The Wichitan’s song of the week, I picked “Crash” by one of my favorite artists, Clara Mae. The song originally came out in September 2021 but is one of the lead singles from her most recent EP “Learning Experience” which came out on April 8. 2022 will be a big year for the singer, who announced days before the EP that she and Swedish hockey player Alexander Sahlin are expecting their first baby.

Mae is a Swedish pop singer who first got her start in 2008 on the Swedish show “Next Star” and won second place. Soon after she joined the pop group “Ace of Base,” but left in 2012 to pursue a solo career. Her first major hit “I’m Not Her” was released in 2017, and since then she has been steadily producing new music. She may not be a household name, but she definitely has the talent for it. In the last few years, she’s collaborated with a bunch of big names like Russell Dickerson, Jake Miller and Garrett Nash (also known as Gnash). I hadn’t heard of her until the summer of 2020, and I think the first song of hers that I heard was either “Run Into You” or “Loved You Once”, both are still two of my favorite songs she’s recorded. Ever since then, I’ve been a big fan, and consistently wait for her to release new music.

“Crash” is a really special song for me. When it came out, it was one of those crazy moments where I was going through something hard, and she released the song at the same time. I love that this song encompasses the fear some of us face when it comes to love. The fear of letting go of control and letting yourself take a risk. While speaking about the song in an interview with pm studio world wide music news, Mae said “It’s scary to be vulnerable. Will the happiness you feel right now be worth the pain if it ends? For me, yes. He will be the best I’ll ever have even if we crash.” I love the whole song, but my favorite lyric is:

“You would still be the best I ever had if we’d crash”

I think there is something so beautiful in the ability to look at someone and say “Even if I only get to be with you for a little while, even if this is going to crash and burn, I still choose you.” There are no guarantees in love or life. Your world can be turned upside down in an instant, whether you saw it coming or not. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and ignore your fears. You can either take a chance now, or you can look back in 10 years kicking yourself because you didn’t. It’s something we all have to decide for ourselves. Can you live with the reality that it could end, or can you live the reality of never trying at all?

Go give “Crash” a listen if you haven’t yet, and let us know in the comments what you think!