OPINION: More guns, safer world


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Gun control is one of the most debated discussions in the recent political climate. Whether it is in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles or New York, there are always shootings going on. People either fight for more gun control or against it. But how often do people think of reducing gun control?

In today’s climate, there are a plethora of issues like mental health, paranoia and crime. Imagine a solution that can help bring these three issues together. In 1318 the Scottish parliament made it a requirement that anyone with 10 pounds or more should be well-armed. This was back in 1318 when swords were commonly used. How can this be applied to today’s world?

Imagine that at the age of 21, the law requires each law-abiding citizen to have a week off. During this week, there is a required mental health evaluation. If the citizen passes the evaluation, then extensive firearm courses covering safety requirements and de-escalation will follow. After these procedures are done, the citizen will be commissioned with a firearm, ammunition and a holster. Furthermore, the citizen will be required to carry the firearm either on their person or on their property- unless they go to bars or anywhere with alcohol. I’m looking at you Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission.

Implementing a system that requires firearms will make more people aware. This is important in a world where women are on edge when walking at night and intruders kick doors in on couples with children. People have the right to protect themselves by carrying a firearm. If most people carry a firearm, others will most likely think twice before committing a heinous crime. The extensive training and availability of guns will provide a sense of security. It is important to have the ability to protect oneself,  as police officers do not always arrive in a timely manner and dangerous interactions can happen in seconds. Therefore, people should have their own protection and be responsible for their safety to help reduce these anxieties.

Of course, this can be related to crime because there is no telling what will happen in a life or death situation. If the choice is between your life or the other person’s, it is vital that you have the proper protection. Maybe this could help lower crime. Who would break into a house if they knew the owner had a firearm? Implementing a system of yearly or bi-yearly mental health checks and firearm courses could help further research and developments towards this plague attacking Americans.