Meet the new senior staff of The Wichitan!

Amos Perkins and his dog Bruno cheering the Cowboys on to another loss. (Emma Perkins)

Amos Perkins – Editor in Chief

Hi there! My name is Amos Perkins, and starting next fall I will be the editor in chief of The Wichitan. I am a 4-8 grade social studies education junior hoping to graduate in Spring 2023. I joined The Wichitan as a freshman who mostly wrote sports, before becoming managing editor and holding that title for the last year.

Almost exactly a year ago, I got married to my high school sweetheart, the love of my life and fellow Mustang, Emma Midgette (now Perkins). In my spare time, I love writing fiction and collecting old maps and flags.

I joined the paper because I wanted friends and a place to belong, and I can honestly say The Wichitan has given me that and so much more. The people on the paper are truly like family to me. The outgoing seniors have elevated us to a place the paper has never been before, and I am so excited to see the amazing ways we can continue to grow.


Stephanie Robledo – Managing Editor

Hello! My name is Stephanie Robledo, and this upcoming fall will be my third year with The Wichitan. Previously, I was news editor, but this time I’m coming back as managing editor. I have enjoyed my time at The Wichitan and hope to continue being part of this amazing team for as long as I’m at MSU. I’ve learned a lot as news editor and am excited to learn more and take on a larger role as a managing editor. 

More things about me: I am an English and mass communication junior, originally I’m from Dallas but have been living in Wichita Falls for two years now and my favorite color is pink. 

Outside of the newspaper, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy traveling and hope to do more of it in the future when everything goes back to normal.






Omar Combie – Design Editor

Hey guys! Guess who’s back again?! I, Omar Combie, will be reprising the position of design editor of The Wichitan for the upcoming academic year.

For our readers who may not know me, I am a mass communication junior and international student. I come from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. I have some MSU Texas alumni in my family, so it was through that connection, I ended up coming here in Fall 2019.

Not too long into my first semester, I joined The Wichitan, and it has been an immensely valuable experience. I have been able to hone my graphic design skills significantly along with various soft skills including teamwork and leadership. I look forward to bringing you more eye-catching designs next semester.


Colin Stevenson – Photography Editor

Colin Stevenson
Colin Stevenson poses for an artistic self-portrait that is very much not representative of his actual personality. May 2020. (Colin Stevenson)

Hello, again, for the first time! While COVID limited my participation in the paper this past year, I plan to come back full force and give my all!

This will be my third year with The Wichitan, and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with such talented people. I hope to use my skills to benefit the campus, better the paper and grow as a person along the way. I’ll do my best to create fantastic pictures to complement our team’s amazing writing.

Beyond my role with the paper, I am a mass communication junior from Fort Worth, a professional photographer with nearly 5 years of experience, a huge nerd and tech geek (I built my own PC and am very willing to discuss if you wish) and a bit of a goofball. I often keep a camera on me to be ready, so feel free to chat it up if you see me around!


Abigail Jones – Assistant Editor

Abigail Jones sits in a chair incorrectly, but it looks very cool. (Colin Stevenson)

Hello there! I’m Abigail Jones, your assistant editor. I’m a mass communication junior with a focus in public relations and advertising, and I like to do a little bit of everything for The Wichitan. From reporting, to layout and design, to copy editing, I’m your gal! I’m also a self-taught artist with my own business, and I have a love for writing and languages. I hope that my future career involves traveling, writing and meeting tons of people.

I joined The Wichitan because I wanted to hone my voice as a journalist and my eye as a designer. The Wichitan has helped me in those areas, but it has also given me tons of new friends. The organization really feels like a family! I’m so excited to grow the organization within this next year, and I can’t wait to see what campus voices our team will amplify next.


Emily Beaman – News Editor and Social Media Manager

Emily’s dog takes a selfie of the dynamic duo (Honeybee Beaman)

Hello hello! I’m Emily Beaman and come this fall, I’ll be the news editor and social media manager for The Wichitan! A couple of fun facts about me: I’m a political science major, I’m a Cards Against Humanity collector, I have a small Sonic obsession and my dog, Honeybee, is my best friend.

I joined The Wichitan during the spring of my freshman year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Being part of this paper has made me love the news world more and helped shape me into a better journalist. The people I get to be around are so helpful, amazing and fun, and I’m so thankful I’ve been able to work with them in such an enthusiastic environment.

I’d also love to hear from anybody who has any story ideas, but I also love random conversations, so feel free to reach out to me for anything and everything!

Joseph Nelson – Entertainment Editor

Joseph Nelson at Arches National Park.

Hey everyone!  My name is Joseph Nelson, and I am an English major graduating in 2022.  I joined The Wichitan in the Fall of 2020, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to publish my writing and get to know the hardworking and innovative students involved in the paper.  From writing articles about campus events to the occasional opinion piece on national issues, I consider myself lucky to have found such a great outlet for engaging with my campus community.  I spend my free time working on creative writing and video editing, both of which inform my ambition to one day produce my own films.

As a reporter and editor, I am committed to offering MSU students a paper that presents fair and engaging visions of our campus and the world outside it, from news articles to op-eds.  Feel free to reach out if there’s a movie, album or any other entertainment media piece you would like to review for the paper!


Thalia Doe – Sports and Feature editor

Thalia Doe basks in the sunlight. (Photo courtesy of Thalia Doe)

Hello! My name is Thalia Doe, and I am the sports and feature editor of The Wichitan. I am a Spanish and mass communication senior with a minor in broadcast journalism. I joined The Wichitan in January 2021 because of my passion for writing and sharing stories with the world! Growing up, I was always that one kid in the back of the classroom writing stories in their notebook instead of taking notes in class.

As an Afro-Latina, the two cultures I share have been an inspiration and motivator for me, not only for my writing but also for my career. Once I graduate from Midwestern State, I plan on making it to the big screen and become a news anchor/television host for Telemundo and change the culture and diversity in the newsroom.


Alexis Martin – Business Manager

Alexis Martin looking stylish. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Martin)

Hey, y’all! My name is Alexis Martin and I’m the business manager for The Wichitan! I joined during the 2021 spring semester when a position opened up for business manager and have felt at home ever since. The atmosphere at The Wichitan is kind and supportive and I look forward to spending my last semester in college at this paper. As business manager, my job is to find businesses that want to advertise with us.

The interest in advertising comes from my internship at a local radio station. I will be graduating from MSU in December of 2021 with a degree in mass communication and a minor in digital media!


Dallas Wabbington – Cartoonist

Dallas Wabbington showing off at the beach. (Dallas Wabbington)

Hi, how are ya? I am THE Dallas Wabbington (and not Dallas, Fort Worth). I’m continuing my position as a reporter and going into my second year as the cartoonist for The Wichitan. I am an English senior working on my teaching certification for grades 7-12.

Moving from a small school district to a university was a big change, and I have enjoyed so many different opportunities and experiences. With my love for writing, it was only natural that I would use my skills to contribute to the university.

I joined The Wichitan towards the end of my sophomore year at MSU and feel that I have truly grown as both a person and a writer. I have met a lot of pretty cool people and have had the honor to write so many stories that catch the eye of so many readers. All I want to provide in my stories is a chance for readers to see a different perspective.