December graduates reflect on college experiences

December is here! For some students that means cold weather, Christmas lights and hot cocoa. For seniors, December means graduation, an exciting time filled with bittersweet endings and exciting beginnings. With a total of 512 December graduates this semester, seniors will be ceremoniously completing their final year of college and entering into a new chapter of life. For some this means entering the job field, while still others will return to school to achieve a higher degree. However, one thing remains consistent for every prospective graduate. Each senior will have the opportunity to symbolically walk across the stage and leave an MSU alumni.

What are your feelings towards graduation day?
For athletic training senior, Elizabeth Corriere, graduation day is a mixture of both tension and excitement.

“I’m nervous about graduation, but beyond ready for it to be here,” Corriere said. “I’m ready to get out into my field and make a difference, as well as earn some money, but I’m also very nervous to practice on my own.”

Economics senior Keith Domino said he is ready to finally attain his degree but also nervous to enter a new chapter.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling,” Domino said. “On one end, I’m excited and relieved to have finished out my goal of graduating and getting my degree, but on the other hand I feel like I’m going into the unknown which also makes me very anxious.”

What are you most excited for after graduation?

For psychology senior Kenna Williams, excitement stems from her plans to change environments and enter her field of work.

“I’m most excited to go to Washington, D.C. after graduation to work with the US Marshals Service Behavioral Analysis Unit and further my knowledge in criminal psychology,” Williams said.

On the other hand, psychology senior Elijah Kirkland is simply ready for a school-free life.

“I am most excited for no schoolwork and no homework,” Kirkland said.

What was the hardest part of your college experience?

Sports and leisure senior Austan Davis said his greatest difficulties have been in handling his various responsibilities.

“My hardest thing I’ve had to deal with since being at MSU has been learning how to responsibly take care of all my business,” Davis said. “But I have learned to manage really well.”

Exercise physiology senior Taylor Robinson said hard times surfaced from having to figure out how to properly maintain all aspects of her life without the aid of her family.

“The hardest thing about my college experience was balancing a social life, my soccer schedule, and school studies,” Robinson said. “Also having to work through hard situations without my parents.”

What is the best part of your college experience?

For chemistry senior Sarah Stewart, the most valuable part of her four years was her relationships made and experience as a college athlete.

“The best part of my college experience was making lifelong friends and being able to play soccer every year,” Stewart said.

Corriere said her favorite part of being a college student was meeting new people and learning from them.

“The best part of my college experience was all the different people I’ve met along the way,” Corriere said. “Everyone has their own story and their own experiences that have shaped them, and they then shape the people around them.”

What is your favorite memory from the past four years?

Exercise physiology senior Dillon Pineda recalled his favorite memories as being successes on the tennis court.

“My favorite memory was being able to compete on the tennis team for four years and make it to the national quarterfinals for three of those years,” Pineda said.

Exercise physiology senior Brittany Williams said her fellow classmates were at the center of her best times.

“My favorite memory the past 4 years is probably getting to know and make friends with fellow ex phys majors,” Williams said. “Classes wouldn’t have been the same without most of them.”

What is the most important thing you have learned here?

For Williams, the greatest takeaway was learning to balance a busy schedule.

“The most important thing I learned is time management,” Williams said. “Being an athlete while working at the same time and keeping my grades up required me to stay organized and schedule out my days way ahead of time.”

Kirkland said he learned to efficiently take care of his responsibilities.

“The most important thing I learned was to stay on top of all things administration,” Kirkland said. “FAFSA, housing and advising are very important.”

What was your favorite thing about attending MSU?

Robinson said favors the university for providing her with unforgettable memories and community involvement.

“My favorite thing at MSU was meeting all my best friends, creating memories that I will never forget,” Robinson said. “I also love how the community is involved with the school.”

For Davis, his favorite thing about the university was the character and personality the school carries within its student body.

“I enjoy how personable everyone at MSU is,” Davis said. “You develop a lot of quality relationships after being here for so long.

What makes you most proud to become an MSU Alumni?

Domino said he is proud to have come from a school that has strengthened him both physically and mentally.

“The thing that makes me most proud to be an [alumnus] is knowing what it took to get to this point,” Domino said. “The countless hours of football practice and training, the amount of studying I’ve done, and the different tragedies that have happened over the years have made me stronger.”

Stewart said she is proud to be able to leave the university feeling confident about her college years in various aspects.

“I am most proud to have gone to this school because it gave me a good well-rounded experience,” Stewart said. “School, athletics, and opportunities were all enjoyable and readily available.”

The graduation ceremony will take place Dec. 14 at the Kay Yeager Coliseum.