Students share tips for conquering finals week

As the semester winds down, students are forced to step up. With finals just around the corner, all-nighters, espresso shots and Quizlet become a students best friend. As the clock winds down to roughly three days left, students have feelings of dread and anxiety. However, studying efficiently and utilizing resources can make finals week a little less stressful.

Where is your favorite place to study?

For some students, finding a quality place to study aids in making the process more enjoyable. While some like busy areas with background noise, others enjoy quiet places with little distractions.

Averie Zurkowski, business sophomore, said eliminating distractions is the key to a successful study session.

“My favorite place to study is my apartment because I like studying in a quiet place with no distractions,” Zurkowski said

What is your method of studying for finals?

Determining a specific study method can ease the stress and make acing finals an attainable goal. Some student’s study meticulously, while others quickly glance over the material.

Dana Eipper, education sophomore, said her strategic study plan involves ordering her finals by difficulty levels.

“I usually take it one final at a time. I’ll study completely for one then switch to another subject,” Eipper said. “Depending on how hard the final is, I usually start with the hardest and then make my way to the easiest.”

Are there any tricks that help you feel better prepared for finals?

To avoid unnecessary hours of studying, some students develop study tricks, unique to them, to help retain information and make them feel better equipped for tests.

Emma Ortega, nursing sophomore, said she uses technology and online features to help her prepare for her tests.

“I always make Quizlets to study for my tests,” Ortega said. “The different features online help me to memorize everything I need to know.”

What is the best part of finals week?

Despite the pressure students must endure during the wrapping up of the semester, motivation can be found in summer break being just around the corner.

Michael Clayton, education sophomore, said the relief of vacation is his incentive to finish the semester strong.

“The best thing about the end of the school year is being able to step back and breath without worrying about classes and homework,” Clayton said.