‘Love Is in the Air’ musical revue to be held April 26

The theater department is producing a musical revue to preview the new musical theater minor on Friday April 26 at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $5 at the door and revenue from the show will be split between The Arts Alliance and the theater department.

The theme of the revue is love and will consist of 13 students singing songs from various musicals throughout the decades with accompaniment by Kevin Bryan.

Sally Story, assistant professor, said the theater department wants to showcase not only the the new minor but the students as well.

“This is put on to showcase our students as well. We feel that we need to draw attention to it [the musical minor], it is a celebration because we have needed a musical theater minor for a long time and the students really want to sing,” Story said.

Students wanting to attend the show to be held in The Forum, can expect a sample of musical theater.

“Usually with music revues, there is a theme. None of the songs relate to each other but the thought of spring and love is in the air, brought love on as the big theme,” Story said.

Assistant Professor Christie Maturo said the show is spearheaded by Story, but it was up to the students to decide on their performance numbers.

“It was entirely up to them [students] to find what music they thought suited them and their voice and what they wanted to showcase about themselves,” Maturo said.

Maturo said each number in the show is different from the next.

“There are a couple group things and there are a couple duets, you really get a variety of performances,” Maturo said.

Maturo said the show is light-hearted and fun, making for a very enjoyable night.

“The show is light. It’s fun and it’s light-hearted, nothing heavy or serious,” Maturo said “this is fun musical theater.”