Question of the Week: What’s your favorite thing about MSU?


Henry Martinez

TreAuchana Miller, theatre senior and friends studying in preparation for finals, April 23, 2019

What’s your favorite thing about MSU?

As the semester is wrapping up we asked students what they love most about MSU.

Hayes Hooper, political science sophomore | “[I like] how friendly everyone is to each other.”

Austin Strode, general business freshman | “The campus [is really nice].”

Rachel Vetter, computer science junior | “I like how pretty the campus gets during the spring! The trees get so full and green, they make the campus look picturesque.”

Jose Resendiz, nursing freshman | “The size of the campus because, you don’t have to walk too far to get to class.”

Jessica Martinez, english freshmen | “[I like] getting to meet people.”

Fransisco Alvarado, kinesiology freshmen | “It’s small and easy to get to places…late work is the best kind of work.”

Lindsey Sarabia, early education junior | “The organizations! So many organizations have a plethora of wonderful and dedicated people [in them].”

Amanda Shriver, chemistry freshman | “I really love that there’s support everywhere you look. It’s definitely hard to not find some type of help for almost anything you need, whether it be academic, mental health or spiritual support, you’re never alone.”

Tania Clayton, business management sophomore | “After coming from a community college, I was happy to see how many organizations are here, there’s a wide variety of organizations to join. I feel like everyone has at least one [organization] they can join.”

Marcus Jones, Wesley Ministry pastor | “The diversity of students. When I first moved here I didn’t know it was this diverse, I was quite surprised. I moved from a rural area, so I thought the city would reflect that.”

Paige Champagne, computer science freshman | “The people. There are some bad people, no doubt about that, but since coming to college I have met some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I used to think there would always be some big problem with whoever I met, either they would be racist or homophobic or something. I thought I’d always be a little alone, but I’ve realized that’s not the case because now I know so many wonderful people who I can truly be myself around without being afraid.”

Jaslyn Windham, art and applied sciences senior | “The diversity. I think it’s unique because, the last school I went to wasn’t as diverse in race. It’s very home-like and it’s easy to have things in common with the people here.”

Kristal Gamez, pre-dentistry freshman |”Well, what I like about MSU is, that the class sizes are not that big so you get to talk with your professors if you need help, that they [MSU] offers tutoring everyday of the week for most courses, and that everyone is friendly. Also, the environment around me is great.”