Student-athletes prepare for Spring Athletic Banquet celebration

Day in and day out, the athletes on campus put in countless hours trying to perfect their craft. With both school and sports, student-athletes push both their bodies and minds. Officials will recognize their work and dedication at the Spring Athletic Banquet on April 24.

All players are invited to attend the free night filled with food, awards and fellowship. The banquet is funded by fundraisers put on throughout the year by the athletic department.

Amanda Snodgrass, assistant athletic director of business and finance, said the banquet is not only to acknowledge athletic achievements, but also achievements in other avenues of a student-athlete’s life.

“The banquet is great opportunity to honor our student-athletes and teams for their successes on the field or court, in the classroom and in the community,” Snodgrass said.

The night of the banquet provides an opportunity for the athletes to celebrate their successes and to also enjoy each other’s company.

Rigoberto Carrillo, criminal justice junior, said he looks forward to commemorating the year with his fellow student-athletes.

“I appreciate the banquet because we get to spend time together as a community of athletes and it gives of a sense of camaraderie and school spirit,” Carrillo said.

Emma Bailey, undecided freshman, said she believes it is important to recognize the amount of time and effort the athletes put into their respective sport.

“I’m excited for the banquet because it is encouraging to look back on all the great things the MSU teams have accomplished over the course of the year,” Bailey said. “Regardless of the seasons results, it’s good to acknowledge everybody’s hard-work, especially for the seniors.”

Michael Meachum, head men’s soccer coach, said despite the outcome of each team’s seasons, he believes it is imperative to recognize the efforts of the athletes.

“Just because you don’t win your ultimate goal of a national championship or conference championship, doesn’t mean you don’t put the time and effort into your respective program,” Meachum said. “All the teams work the same number of weeks and hours and spend time in the classroom, so I think everyone should be rewarded and told thank you for what they contributed to the university.”

Athletes Thoughts:

Tatum Sharp, education sophomore | “My favorite thing about the banquet is just enjoying the food and having fun with my teammates.”

Chelcie Kizart, pre-physical therapy senior | “My favorite part is watching all the athletes receive their wards and just seeing how happy they seemed that their hard work was being recognized.”

D’monta Harris, psychology junior | “I look forward to being together with my teammates and staff. Also I’m excited to potentially witness one of my teammates receive an award.”

Jovane Parkinson, sports and leisure studies junior | “My favorite thing is seeing everyone come together and get acknowledgement for their team and individual successes on and off their fields of play.”