Question of the Week: Chick-Fil-A


Alana Earle

Khadijah Moore, political science major smiling as she hands a customer their drink

Chick-Fil-A is a well-loved food chain, especially amongst college students. This week we asked students how many times they eat at the campus Chick-Fil-A in a week.

How many times do you think you eat at Chick-Fil-A in a week?

Siany Kloss, studio art sophomore | “Probably only four [times].”

Lindsey Sarabia, early education junior | “Two to three times a week. Depends on how busy I am.”

Vickeh Callaway, psychology junior | “Maybe once a month. I really try not to eat there at all because of the donations. They have a history of giving to anti-LGBTQI+ groups. Having one on campus is really convenient though when you’re in a hurry and hungry.”

Daria Emanuel, physiology freshman | “Unfortunately I eat at Chick-Fil-A multiple times a week, it varies each week but, typically three to five times a week. What can I say I’m addicted.”

Fay Ajala, nursing junior | “Probably like two to three times [a week].”

Larissa Kankam, nursing senior | “When I used to have a meal plan, I used to eat it everyday.”

Elizabeth Speigal, history sophomore | “A couple times a week.”

Caden Castillo, history freshman | “I try to go at least once a day since it’s technically protein and their fries are amazing.”

Tayeisha Laville, geoscience senior | “I think five times a week.”

 Gage Gonzalez, electrical engineering junior | “After coming back from a workout, I usually eat there, so I’d say maybe four times each week.”

Kendi Malone, education junior  | “I probably eat Chik-Fil-A once or twice a week.”

Maria Castedo, biology sophomore | “I really can’t put a number to it but, I’d be willing to say maybe three times a week, it’s so good.”

Imani Horton, criminal justice | “I used to hardly ever eat there for a lot of reasons but, MSU has put me on to it, I eat there whenever I can.”

Germiamah Junkere , mechanical engineering and math sophomore | “I don’t. I usually bring my food from home or I go off campus to eat.”

Oneida Mireles, business management junior | “I probably eat at Chick-Fil-A twice, to maybe even four times a week.”

Diego Perez, pre-medical sophomore | “I really eat only Chick-Fil-A [laugh], it’s undeniably good. I would say I eat there maybe six times a week or more.”