Question of the Week: What organizations are you in?


Jared Bruner

Tau Kappa Epsilon member Kyle Carpenter, junior mechanical engineering major, and Gamma Phi Beta member Rachel Roberts, junior dental hygiene major, play cornhole at the Tau Kappa Epsilon booth for the tailgate on Oct. 6 2018 at Memorial Stadium. Photo by Jared Bruner

Finding your place on campus can be tricky, especially if you’re new on campus. We asked students what organizations they are apart of and why those organizations are important to them.

What organizations are you apart of and why?

Micheal Gonzales, criminal justice junior | “Omega Delta Phi, [I] joined looking to be a leader on campus and they handed me the resources and guided me along. They helped with educating me on diversity on this campus. I feel more in touch with different cultures and they showed how to have respect and an open mind to others.”

Dara Cunningham, early education junior | “I am apart of Residents Life and Housing because I love making a difference in students lives!”

Elise Durango, pre-dental freshman | “I am apart of OHS (Organization of Hispanic Students), I love the idea of belonging to an organization that represents me and my culture. I want to move up and be a leader in the organization one day but, I’m pretty busy. I wanna see the organization grow into something even bigger than it already is. I’m hoping to rush a sorority one day but like I said, “We’ll see.”

Chad Callender, math freshman | “I’m actively in Math Club, Caribbean Students Organization and Mustangs Unified Gamers. Well, Math Club is a given — I love math and enjoy being with like-minded people who also love the subject. We can have conversations on Math topics that you can’t just have with say, someone who isn’t really into math. M.U.G. was actually a funny one — I’m not a gamer but, I work in the Student Center so I usually set up for their event and leave. However, one week while I was setting up, I realized they were playing a game I really liked so I stayed and played. I found the guys really cool so I just kept coming back, and that’s that! Caribbean Students Organization, I’m from the Caribbean but, it’s not only that. In CSO, I have the opportunity to interact with other Caribbean students, compare and contrast cultures. I find the differences, in particular, interesting because it brings out that unique and multidimensional layer to us as a people.”

Gabby Dugas, biology junior | “I’m in ACS (American Chemical Society). I chose to be a part this organization because you gain a lot of knowledge about Chemistry while helping out in the community. It is also a good way to network with people in the field and learn from them. Overall, it’s a good organization if you are passionate about science and want to have a career in it or just to learn more about it.”
Eric Livingston, engineering junior | “I’m not currently in any orgs but I really want to join the gamers club when I get the chance, it seems really relaxed and after these crazy classes, I wouldn’t mind some laid back gaming time.”
Zelma Delgado, social work junior| “The org that I belong to is Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. The reason I belong to this org is because no matter what I have family here at MSU Texas. If I ever need advice or need help with a problem I can ask any of my sisters to help me.”
Eliza Cameron, english junior | “I am only part of one org, but it’s a very important organization to me. I’m the president of People Respecting Identity Diversity for Everyone (or P.R.I.D.E.) I joined Pride when I was a freshman because I was very excited to finally have the chance to be a part of a Gay/Straight Alliance. I came from a very conservative town that didn’t have discussions about LGBTQ issues much less have an organization about them. So I joined cause I wanted to advocate for a community that I belong to and care about dearly.”