Late Night Steak-Out


Aquila Freeney

Steak sandwich with grilled tomatoes and onions

March 30, some friends and I decided to go out of town for a bit and we came back super late so naturally, I was starving. I suggested McDonald’s because I knew it was open since it was 1 a.m., but on the way there I spotted a food truck so I figured “why not?”

Here in Wichita Falls, food trucks are very common, but I never ate at one. I figured it was a taco truck, because most of them are, but Antojito’s didn’t have just tacos.

On the truck’s sign it said they offered tacos, skewers, hot dogs and steak sandwiches. Taco trucks are a dime a dozen, and I wasn’t in the mood for any kind of food on a stick nor did I want a hotdog, so my only option left was a steak sandwich. I can honestly say I had no idea what I was in store for because a steak sandwich could’ve been anything from a philly steak to a brisket steak, so I had my fingers crossed.

I ordered my food and I had two options: get the big sandwich or the little one, and of course I got the big one. I hurried and ordered because it was so cold that night so I couldn’t stand waiting outside the truck. I didn’t ask what was on it because I was too hungry and cold to care.

Maybe four minutes had gone by and the guy at the counter waved at me to let me know my food was ready, so I went to get it and got back in the car. I opened the box and it smelled so good. I took a quick little peak and saw slivers of steak, some grilled onions and tomatoes on like a hoagie type of bread.

I made it back to my dorm room and I took another look at the sandwich and decided that I didn’t want onions on it so I just took them off and started eating. The first bite, I bit into a combination of nice, tender steak, bread and tomatoes. I though to myself, ‘this is it, this is THE sandwich’, then I took a second bite. Yeah I thought someone had switched my steak for a piece of rubber. The steak was so tough; it was mostly gristle so I spent majority of the meal trying to chew my way through grilled fat, thick bread and tomatoes.

On the plus side, the steak that was meaty, so to speak, was medium rare so that kind of made me less cranky. Overall, although it was inexpensive, (the sandwich only cost $6.25) and it was fairly fast and quick and easy to access. I probably won’t ever get the steak sandwich again. I’ve always prided myself on being a steak and potato type of gal, so my heart hurts a bit just knowing that somebody can do a steak the way they did that one.

Who knows, maybe their tacos are better, but you can’t go wrong with hotdogs. I never say never (yeah I know), so I’ll probably still go back because everyone deserves a second chance, right?