Question of the Week: Transitioning to an HSI


Clarissa Alvarado

Social work junior Zelma Delgado, radiology sophomore Ashley Gonzales, nursing sophomore Luz Garcia, radiology freshman Vanessa Quinones, and nursing freshman Carolina Beltran chatting in the atrium before CGC Wave check on Feb. 28.

This week, we asked the student body to give their opinions on how they feel about MSU transitioning to a Hispanic Serving Institution.

How do you feel about MSU becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution?

Joselin Flores, business management freshman | “I would like to see more networking with Hispanic leaders throughout the year and not just during Hispanic Heritage Month. I think it’ll be cool to have Hispanic motivational speakers so we, the Hispanic community, can feel inspired for us to continue to do better for ourselves and our families.”

Alondra Bolanos, nursing freshman | “I am Hispanic, so I think it’s really good that the community is growing. A lot of us are first-generation students, so it’s hard for us to come to college. It’s just nice to be around people that have the same culture.”

Jered Stevens, computer science freshman | “I’m all for MSU becoming an HSI. If that means a larger group of minorities get more support through grants, then it’s great. I think MSU should use the grant towards the Hispanics.”

Jacklyn Barrios, psychology freshman | “I think that’s great. Seeing more students that are Hispanic will be more welcoming. Coming from a place where the entire population is Hispanic and coming to a place, like here, that is only a small percentage of Hispanics.”

Justin Thompson, athletic trainer senior | “I didn’t know what it was but after being informed about it. I’m all for it, to help those that need help, as long as they ask for it.”

Lydia Acuna, exercise physiology sophomore | “I think it’s cool. Being Hispanic and learning that the school can receive grants based on the enrollment of Hispanics. It gives a school opportunities based on the diversity of the school, because it’s important for a school to be diverse.”

Xochit Cruz, political science senior | “I think it’d be cool if they made more programs for Hispanic people. I don’t really see a lot of things for me to be in besides for OHS. The funding can go to SSS [student support services], they have like old computers and they support first-generation students. Them having the extra support can help benefit us.”

Rogelio Nunez, psychology junior | “I think diversity at a college, university, or an institution is very important not only for the involvement of different cultures and different ethnicities but also to have that sense that the university is taking into account the different perspectives and individuality. For me personally, if we do become an HSI, not only would I feel that the university is accepting more people like me and I would feel more comfortable here. I’d also like to see that for different people. I like it, I really do, and I can’t wait to see that happen.”

Dasia Daniels, general business freshman | “One, it’ll be good for cultural appreciation so we can know about other people’s cultures. That’s good to have a variety of students. Two, it’ll be good because we’ll get more money. It’ll be good for the school, it’ll be good for the students. Overall, more money is better so I’m for it.”

Lauren Stanick, geoscience freshman | “It’s always good to have more money. I don’t know how that would affect me, other than the money thing.”

Cynthia Hubbard, marketing junior | “It opens opportunities to minority students, especially first-generation students. MSU is a place that’s accessible financially, location wise, and education wise for many students from around the world.”