Cultural Greek Council members want participation at Wild’N Out event

The Cultural Greek Council sororities and fraternities are teaming up to plan an event centered around singing, dancing and roasting, Wild’N Out, March 13.

What is Wild’N Out?

Based on an MTV show hosted by Nick Cannon that premiered more than a decade ago, the show has continuously been centered around Hip Hop, stand-up comedy, and crazy games. The show features two teams of comedians and celebrities who battle for laughs in front of a live studio audience.

What were the tryouts for?

David Brown, criminal justice junior, said despite the popularity of the show, no students attended the tryouts. This less than satisfactory turn out however, was something Brown attributed to the inclement weather. He said he hoped with a change in temperature, the Wild’N Out event would be a success.

“Wild’N Out is a very popular thing on T.V. and at universities, but it depends on how the weather is, ” Brown said. “If the weather is not too bad, we will have a decent turnout.”

The tryouts were held to test the jocular skills of the contestants and to assemble two distinct teams for the competition. To follow the shows general format, the two teams will compete against each other in hopes of playfully ridiculing the other’s team captain and members.

Who is planning the event?

Jada Propes, political science senior and president of the Cultural Greek Life Council, is in charge of the planning and decision making behind the event. She said the event had been attempted in the past, but improvements have been made this time around.

“We’ve thrown this before but there wasn’t any structure to it, so we wanted to ensure that when we throw it this time, there would be structure and actually have people committed to telling jokes,” Propes said.

Members of the Cultural Greek Life organization include  Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Kappa Delta Chi, Omega Delta Phi and Sigma Lambda Alpha.

What is the goal of this event?

Propes said the goal of the event is to generate student involvement, especially males, in a fun and easy going way.

“We are having a campus-wide problem with male involvement, so we wanted to see if we could target males, especially minorities to come to events and participate and with pop culture that’s very easy,” Propes said.

Natai Hutchinson, management information systems sophomore and Alpha Kappa Alpha member, said engaging with the students and providing exciting social events is what Greek life members strive to do.

“The goal is to get the students around the school to want to engage with us and do things,” Hutchinson said. “They always say that are school is boring and we don’t have a lot of people or do things, so we try to get the people to come out and have some fun at the events.”

Propes said she hopes with this event, students will find the campus events entertaining and enjoyable.

“We can have fun here, MSU is not a lame campus,” Propes said.