ODPhi and TKE collaborate for a consent talk

As a way to educate students on the meaning of consent, fraternities Omega Delta Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon, invited Rachel Fornof, director and coordinator of Title IX to lead an open discussion.

David Brown, criminal justice junior and vice president of Omega Delta Phi, said the purpose of the event was to let people know that fraternities on campus stand with consent.

“At first, [the idea] started with Omega Delta Phi,” Brown said. “We wanted to have a consent talk. We reached out to TKE, because they talked about having a consent talk as well. So we said why not just bring it together, that way fraternities can let people know that we’re with consent, we agree with it, and we want to try to help everybody.”

Brown said ODPhi tries to have an event about consent every semester.

Marvin Castillo, criminal justice senior and president of Tau Kappa Epsilon, said the collaboration was to be more involved with multicultural Greek organizations.

“We wanted to expand our relationship with multicultural greeks and not just with inter-fraternity council or Panhellenic,” Castillo said. “I felt like it’s very important for us to get involved with the ones [organizations] we are usually used to getting with.”

Although it is TKE’s first event on campus related to consent, Castillo said TKE has mandatory consent presentations at a national level within the organization.

“Every year we have a mandatory consent presentation and exam according to our national organization,” Castillo said. “It is our first one to do here on campus and with another organization.”

Amelia Ecevido, biology senior, attended the event to support Greek life and learn more about consent.

Ecevido said, “I saw that TKE and ODPhi were holding it [the event] so I wanted to come by and learn more about the topic.”

In addition, Ecevido enjoyed being able to sit in a big group and discuss consent.

“If you feel awkward, individually going to the Title IX Director or someone to talk about issues like this. It’s nice to go to an event like this in a big group, kind of just sit and learn more about the information and not feel awkward about it,” Ecevido said.

Ecevido said she enjoyed having Fornof lead the discussion, because she made it relatable to the students.

“I thought it was really informal and informative at the same time,” Ecevido said. “She approached it in a good way to relate to us college students so it wasn’t awkward for us to learn more about it.”