Question of the Week: Valentines 2019 Edition

It’s Valentines Day on campus and love is in the air, or is it? We sat down with students this past week to get their opinion on Valentines Day.

Are you excited for Valentines Day?

Craig Gregg, psychology freshman |“I heckin’ love Valentines Day. I get candy, flowers and presents. I really love teddy bears. I already saw one at Walmart I want.”

Gracie Payne, math junior |“I just love Valentines because of all the love that goes around. It’s just always so happy and joyful.”

Angelica Villarreal, Spanish sophomore |“Yeah, I’ll probably go out to the movies with friends.”

Chrysa Jacobs, art senior |“No, I don’t like Valentines Day because I have a bad memory of when my brother almost died [on Valentines Day].”

Isaiah Edwards, art senior |“No, I don’t like that my emotions are being commercialized and everything costs too much.”

Issac Liquez, nursing sophomore |“It’s important to be connected with your emotions and give physically to the ones you love.”

Ethan Herdman, exercise physiology freshman |“I like Valentines Day. It gives me an excuse to spend money that I don’t need to.”

Dara Cunningham, early education junior |“It’s just another day of the week.”

Lindsey Sarabia, early education junior |“It’s not a negative day, no one’s making out in the streets. I’d rather spend it with children, it’s so much more innocent.”

Isiah Contreras, kinesiology sophomore |”Heck yeah I’m excited, gotta spoil my baby girl on our special day. Our eighth month and our dog’s adoption anniversary are the day before, February 13th.”

Dasia Daniels, general business freshman |“No, because I don’t have anybody. CashApp me though $daytyme100 and show some love.”

Shakira Hernandez, chemistry and psychology sophomore |“Yeah, Valentines Day is always fun.”

Brenda Morales, history junior |“Yes. Who doesn’t love chocolate?”

Rogelio Nunez, psychology junior |“No, not really, I’m working.”

Siany Kloss, studio art sophomore |“I am, I just feel like everyones a lot happier whether they’re in a relationship or not. Cheap chocolate and I go wild for holidays.”