Question of the Week: What’s your major?

Picking a major can be challenging but, once you find your calling, it can be really exciting. We asked some students what their major is and why they picked it.

What’s your major and why did you choose it?

Isiah Contreras, kinesiology sophomore |“I really wanted to go into sports medicine type of work after college but, it’s hard to find work in just sports medicine. I figured kinesiology would give me more options after I graduate. Hopefully, I end up with the Spurs one day.”

Leslie Alvarez, nursing freshman |”I never thought I would like working in a hospital, but after my abuelo passed away I changed my mind completely because I saw how sweet the nurses were and how they handled taking care of my abuelo, it really touched me.”

Chad Callender, math freshman |”I chose math because I just love Math. Math is just simply beautiful, it’s like relationships people don’t [normally] see between numbers and what not, right now I’m taking a course in number theory and seeing the relationships between numbers you wouldn’t really see on the surface is just simply beautiful…it changes your thinking.”

Micheal Gonzales, criminal justice junior |”Because it relates back to where I came from and how far I’ve come. I’m sure I can help someone get out of the situation they’ve been in, to where they can feel successful.”

Katelyn Stewart, marketing and Spanish senior |”I chose marketing because I knew I wanted to be in the business field and I wanted the more creative aspect of it, so I felt marketing was the best route to go. I chose Spanish because I always wanted to learn a second language and I really regret not really paying attention to the Spanish speakers around me.”

Porscha Weaver, biology junior |”I chose biology because I need to fulfill the pre-requisites for physician assistant programs. Plus, cells are cool.”

Sophia Selene, marketing senior | “I’ve always had a passion for fashion [laugh], I’ve really wanted to start my own clothing line since I was little but, I didn’t want to go a bad route. I figured it would be best to get the behind the scenes rather than to blindly jump into a huge field and get lost.”

Lindsey Sarabia, early education junior |”My ultimate goal is to go from teaching to administration. Knowing in the future I can change the narrative of education is the reason why I chose my major.”

Stephanie Saenz, continuing education |”After taking time off after a couple years of college up until now, I really wanted to make sure I still got my education. So, I decided the continuing education program would be good to finish up my courses and specify what I want to do with business.”

Eric Livingston, engineering junior |”I wanted to go into aviation but, before I can enlist I wanted to get a four-year degree so I have all my bases covered school-wise, also I just really like physics.”

Nicole Laucher, business management senior |”Sales, sales, sales, I love up-selling and running stores. I want to own my own business one day so I can’t wait to graduate and launch my first kickstarter.”

Elise Durango, pre-dental freshman |”I love kids, I want to teach any kid I can the best brushing skills and how to take control of their hygiene. Dentistry is my calling in life, I had an amazing female dentist when I was younger, she really inspired me to take pride in my smile, I still go to her and I want to be the next female doctor like Dr. Sandra Lee with my own YouTube channel influencing millions.”