Question of the Week: What is your passion and why?

What is your passion?

The word passion is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Whether it be helping the community, learning languages or exploring their major students share what their passions are.


“I am passionate about education, most importantly, about English language learners and that they have an advocate for them to learn. [For them] to be proficient in the English language rather than not giving them the education that they need.” | Montserrath Garay, bilingual education senior

“I believe I’m passionate about helping the community because whenever I was younger I was always involved in community service and I always wanted to be a role model for the next generation of kids.” | Vincent Rodriguez, mathematics senior

“Motivating people through my actions because I have a little sister so I always strive to do the best I can. So I can show her if I can do it, you can do it. That’s what I became a [resident assistant] so I can motivate other people. You know? To show that if I can do it, others can do it too.”| Ashma Henry, computer science senior

“I’m very passionate about women learning to love themselves despite social obstacles that may make them think their natural beauty isn’t up to par with societal standards. I feel like i live in a world where I and other females are constantly degraded because of our looks, social status or what someone else has said about us.” | Karrington Bradley, mass communication freshman

“I’m passionate about children, i love kids. That’s why I’m a special education major. Special needs kids have a big place in my heart. My best friend’s brother was special needs and we took care of him growing up, from [kindergarten and now] he’s 24. I do have a big passion for kids.” | Dei-Ana McCullough, special education sophomore

“I love babies, I love taking care of them. My major is actually nursing, I want to be a NICU nurse, so they have to deal with all the babies. I grew up with a bunch of babies, I come from a big family.” | Dalia Chaves, nursing freshman

“I’m really passionate about languages and learning different cultures and also about writing. Languages, I know I will be able to talk to different people that know different languages but also I like to learn about cultures. The way they live, the way they think. Writing is [also] something that I have always liked, especially when I feel sad or very happy, I just write everything.” | Frida Arredondo, Spanish senior

“I am passionate about hard and smart working individuals that strive for success and financial stability. Also, about those people who faced many obstacles and still managed to rise to the top.” | Joselin Flores, general business freshman

“I’m passionate about my beliefs and moral values. That people are equal and treating others with respect, treating men and women the same, all races the same. I’m pretty passionate about equality. Hobby wise, I’m pretty passionate about the entertainment industry like books and movies. The whole production value. I’m [also] pretty passionate about my cats. I would die for them.” | Allison Atherton, mass communication sophomore