Question of the week : Why is Stampede Week significant?

Why is Stampede Week important?

Esperanza Guzman, 4-8 social studies education, junior | “Stampede Week gives students a chance to interact and meet classmates as well as provide a free way to unwind from the stress of school beginning.”

Christian Oseguera, mass communication junior.

Christian Oseguera, mass communication, junior | “I think for students who haven’t been may be scared to get involved, maybe hesitant to get involved, especially for freshman. My freshman year it was kind of hard to get a hang of things and find what really interests me. Once I started to get myself involved, once the school put out events to get involved, I went to them [and] made friends and that’s why Stampede Week is important.”

Vanessa Quiñones, radiology, freshman | “I think Stampede Week is a great way to get students back into the groove after a long break. It helps them get accustomed to college life.”

Cynthia Hubbard, marketing, junior | “Stampede Week is important because it gives new students the opportunity to meet new people and get involved on campus. It helps them to not miss home as much by keeping them occupied. Stampede Week has everything from free food to free groceries and even a free movie. Although not everyone will attend 100 percent of the time, it’s still a valuable week of events for those students that are looking for something to do or looking for something that binds them to MSU. [Both] new students as well as old students.”

Estafani Vasquez, biology, freshman | “Stampede Week means to me a week of fun activities to make the beginning of the semester more fun and easier to transition into school. We get to meet new people and explore our surroundings.”

Ivon Mendoza, business management, junior | “Stampede Week is important because it’s a way to get comfortable transitioning either from high school or to another higher institution. It’s also a way to meet new people.”

Kelly Le, business management, sophomore | “It’s important because it introduces new students to what’s around MSU and give [students] something to do as classes begin again.”

Adrienne Hill, sociology, junior | “I think this week is great because it gets students excited about the first week back. It lets students relax in-between classes and offers a much needed break.”

Rowann Remie, geosciences, freshman | “Stampede Week is important because it provides various opportunities to just take a break and engage in some fun activities during that first week of school, which can be a but overwhelming. It’s also a chance to meet with other students outside of a classroom setting and [you] make friends.”

Clarissa Alvarado, mass communication, sophomore | “I think Stampede Week is important because it’s a way to kick off the semester stress free. It’s also a fun way to destress after a long day o classes. Plus your tuition [and fees] pays for the events so might as well go.”

Additional Reporting by Alana Earle