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Jacob Stacy co owner of Garage-Made and Peyton Macklin, sophomore political science, working out business details at a local coffee shop. November 30, 2018.

Full-time student and part-time Market Street employee run business on the side

December 7, 2018

What was initially just a couple of friends hanging out in a game room at 1 a.m., turned into the beginning stages of opening Garage-Made Hair Pomade. Peyton Macklin, sophomore political science, saw a need among his friends of wanting to find the perfect hair pomade and decided to make his own, selling them for $12 a can.

“We just tossed the idea around jokingly then realized why not? It could be fun, and we were trying to find a new hair product anyway,” Macklin said.

Two days after their first discussion, the friends took the first step and bought a business license to begin the process.

“After getting the license, we went out to buy some of the basic parts of what goes into hair pomade [bee’s wax and essential oils] and just did a lot of trial and error until we found the right consistency,” Jacob Stacy, co-owner of Garage-Made Hair Pomade, said.

While running the business, Macklin is a full-time student and works part-time at Walmart and Stacy runs a children’s ministry at his local church along with working part-time at Market Street.

“School comes first for me, so it does get hard to stay on top of the business sometimes but some of what I learned here, I can apply to Garage-Made,” Macklin said.

Even though Macklin finds it tricky to stay on top of everything, he has found some perks to the business being just the hair pomade.

“It does work out though because we do what we can when we have time since it’s not a legitimate store that has to have business hours, so we can work on it whenever we can find the time,” Macklin said.

As for the name, they wanted to make it have a more masculine sense to it.

“We wanted to give it that homey feel of being locally made while still letting it be masculine, so we thought of a garage since that’s considered the manliest part of a house and that’s kind of how we got to the name, Garage-Made,” Stacy said.

The pair’s business has since gained popularity and support from friends and family.

“I think it’s awesome that these local young guys have an entrepreneurial spirit and that they’re creating and offering great products,” Aaron Little, friend of Stacy and Garage-Made product user, said.

For the future, Macklin and Stacy hope to continue the business and see it grow.

“We just want to be able to continue it and not let it die out. It’d be cool to see it spread even further in the Texoma area,” Macklin said.


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