Mass comm students named king and queen

Mass communication seniors Treston Lacy and Morgan Haire pose as king and queen at the homecoming game against Tarleton at Memorial stadium Oct. 27.
Brittni Vilandre
Mass communication seniors Treston Lacy and Morgan Haire pose as king and queen at the homecoming game against Tarleton at Memorial stadium Oct. 27.

At the start of halftime, the homecoming court was introduced to the crowd. There were chatters around Memorial Stadium as the crowd waited to see who the next homecoming king and queen would be.

“And the homecoming king and queen are…”

Mass communication seniors Treston Lacy and Morgan Haire were announced as this year’s homecoming king and queen. Both Lacy and Haire were enthusiastic as they stood on the 50-yard line, waving to the crowd while receiving an applause from the crowd and the homecoming court at Memorial Stadium.

Haire said she was thankful that she was elected by the students to be homecoming queen.

“I am really grateful for the people that voted for me. It really is appreciative of the student body to vote me as homecoming queen,” Haire said.

Haire said majoring in mass communication was a part of the reason as to why she won homecoming queen.

“Being able to talk to people and communicate with different groups of people helped me,” Haire said.

Lacy said his initial reaction to being homecoming king was a surprise.

“I was shocked. When I found out I won [homecoming king], I still couldn’t believe it,” Lacy said.

Lacy said he was grateful for the students that participated in nominating and voting for him.

“The students did not have to vote for me, they could have chose another individual, but they voted for me, and for that I am grateful,” Lacy said.

Lacy said majoring in mass communication helps as to why he won homecoming king.

“Being a mass communication major did help me grab the win. A lot of people know me or know of me,” Lacy said. “I tried my best to stay involved with campus activities, speaking to different people whether they are a freshman or a senior. Just staying involved helps.”

Nominee Comments

“Just being in front of the fans during homecoming is awesome. I couldn’t imagine myself being junior prince. I am the only junior in my fraternity [Sigma Nu], and my fraternity gave me the idea to be the nominee for junior prince. I made a Twitter video as to why you should vote for me and here I am, on the field.” | Riley Carr, nursing junior

“Being a junior princess is a great experience. Initially, it was my sorority’s [Chi Omega] idea to nominate me. It was a nerve-wracking experience at first, but I had a lot of fun.”| Lauren Pittman, business management junior

“I am flattered. It was humbling to be able to go on the field and have your peers vote for you. It is crazy to think that everything has happened quickly such as being a part of a fraternity [Kappa Alpha] and being voted as freshman lord during my first semester at MSU. Since I am already involved in a few events, I am going to continue to build relations with other people.” | Caleb Kiser, marketing freshman 

Freshman Lady: Skye Waters

Freshman Lord: Caleb Kiser

Sophomore Duchess: Lexi Brandy

Sophomore Duke: Isaac Liguez

Junior Princess: Lauren Pittman

Junior Prince: Riley Carr

Homecoming King: Treston Lacy

Homecoming Queen: Morgan Haire

In a previous version, Caleb Kiser’s fraternity affiliations were incorrectly stated. He is a member of Kappa Alpha. The Wichitan regrets this error.