Shirts and TSU sign burning during the Bonfire October 26, 2018. Photo by Stephen Gomez
Shirts and TSU sign burning during the Bonfire October 26, 2018. Photo by Stephen Gomez

Homecoming tradition goes up in flames

October 28, 2018

Ten gallons of gasoline, well over 500 people and around 90 shirts burned.

Nocona Trail south parking lot went up in flames once again for the homecoming bonfire. Whether they were there for the atmosphere, the people, or the fire, everyone experienced the tradition that has taken place as far back as the 1960’s.

“It was a great turnout, it was the most lit I have seen everyone at MSU. It was a lot of fun and I was really surprised by the fireworks.” | Mitch Kipp, political science sophomore

“It’s just one of those MSU traditions that you have to come to, it’s good to meet new people and see all your friends. It was a great experience, it was really alive, the music was great, the fire was great, and I love the people.” | Cullen Pearce, marketing junior

“The bonfire is cool, I get to meet new people and just hangout. It gives everyone something to do on a Friday night.” | Garret Leek, sports leisure freshman

“It’s tradition and I love supporting the football team. The bonfire brings a great atmosphere and it’s inspiring to see all of the school spirit.” | Conner Chamberlain, mathematics sophomore

“It’s a bonfire, it brings a great environment and everyone comes. It gives me the opportunity to see most of my friends, when I don’t get to see all of them on a regular day. The crowd was actually energetic and it was amazing.” | Chelsea Toller, global studies junior 

“It’s an awesome tradition and I really enjoy engaging in the school spirit, it is one of the only traditions that bring that here.” | Trevor Carlton, nursing junior

“It’s hype, there is a big fire and how is that not awesome?” | Brendan O’Brian, undecided sophomore 

“It’s nice to get out and see this many people come together to support Midwestern, I came for the enjoyment of being around a lot of people and to meet more people.” |  Matt London, non-student

“I wanted to come because everyone likes fire and all of my friends wanted to come. Honoring our school and all of our sports is something I think is really cool.” | Noah Flowers, marketing junior

“I really enjoy homecoming, the fire is different every year and that is really cool. It’s tradition and I like fire and the fireworks were new.” | Maggie-Mae Ellison, history senior

“It’s homecoming and who doesn’t want to come to homecoming events? It’s super hot but I wanted to come see all my friends and have the same experiences as everyone.” | Jacey Grimes, radiology sophomore

“I like to be around a lot of people and supporting MSU, the bonfire always brings those two things together.” | Matt Reed, non-student

“I came tonight because I really love the torchlight parade and meeting up with friends. It lets me do something fun before going into work tomorrow.” | Conner FitzHenry, criminal justice sophomore

“It’s one of those traditions I have just always done, it’s tradition and it’s cool to see the school spirit. This year was good, it took longer to light this year and having it after mustang madness was different. The atmosphere was pretty much the same as usual.” | Justin Ervin, athletic training junior

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