A day in the life of Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett, respiratory care junior, lives with two principles: working hard and living by faith


Taylor Bennett, respiratory care junior

An average week for Taylor Bennett, respiratory care junior, consists of cramming in information from her lecture in the library, working at Target until closing time, commuting to Plano, Texas for clinicals, and being an Alpha Phi member.

Bennett said she does not have a course meal of breakfast to start off her day.

“I generally wake up five minutes before class starts at 8 a.m. I do not have any sort of breakfast to start the day,” Bennett said.

Bennett said there is consistency when it comes to her schedule, but there is a difference as to how her classes end.

“On Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays, I go to class from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Wednesday, I still go to class on 8 a.m. but my classes end at 5 p.m.,” Bennett said. “Any day in my schedule is continuous. Due to my busy schedules of working at Target and going to classes, I’d like to take naps, but I can’t because my schedule is congested.”

Bennett said working at Target as a guest service agent depends on her clinical schedule.

“On the days where I do not have a class that ends at 5 p.m., I usually work at Target from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. I work at Target, Thursday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. normally and I usually work every day except for Wednesday,” Bennett said.

Bennett said the most enjoyable part of her day is going to school because of her interest in respiratory care.

“I am learning about the profession I am in and because of such, it genuinely interests me,” Bennett said.

Bennett commutes to Plano, Texas for clinicals on any given week. Bennett said her schedule is different when doing clinicals in Plano.

“I get up at 5:30 a.m. and drive to the clinical site where I stay until 7 p.m. After clinical, I go home, eat and shower,” Bennett said.

Bennett said she is not homesick despite doing clinicals in Plano, Texas.

“When I do clinicals in Plano, I am not homesick because I stay with my friends. My friends are generally welcoming,” Bennett said.

Bennett said she chose the sorority chapter of Alpha Phi because of the philanthropy cause.

“The philanthropy is women’s heart health which is related to my major [respiratory care], and I have experience with seeing people going through tragic circumstances such as seeing my grandfather passing away due to respiratory issues and my brother having heart issues,” Bennett said.

Courtney Hoover, business management junior and Alpha Phi president, said Bennett is a participant of Alpha Phi activities.

“Taylor is very dedicated. She’s been in the Alpha Phi chapter for four years,” Hoover said. “She’s always been super helpful, generally the first one to do anything that has to be done for an Alpha Phi activity and she’s one of the fun members.”

Bennett said from doing clinicals to participating in retail and school, she couldn’t devote the time required to be an active member of her sorority, Alpha Phi, so she became an associate member.

“When it comes to juggling all the events of being in a sorority and doing other activities, I am an associate. By definition, I go to whatever events I could possibly go to. Alpha Phi understands that I’m busy with a lot of things, so I am regarded as an associate. Because I am an associate, I don’t get fined for not attending any events,” Bennett said.

Hoover said a key to participating in a sorority chapter is each member’s availability.

“It starts with communication. I relate to Taylor because I work a full-time job. We’re [Alpha Phi] good at working with schedules and we understand that you are not available for every Alpha Phi activity. However, as long as you can communicate as to what is going on in regards to your availability, we’re okay with everything,” Hoover said.

Natty Cervantes, general business junior and Alpha Phi member, said she and Bennett enjoy doing sports, but do not participate in the same intramural sports together.

“She played volleyball for Alpha Phi last semester and I was there cheering her on. When I played soccer for intramurals, she was there cheering me on. We don’t play together, but we definitely support each other,” Cervantes said.

Bennett said she studies at the Moffett Library after she gets off of work from Target because the library is a place where her peers can engaged about the same lectures.

“My preferred place to study is the library because I can engage with people that are related to my major [respiratory care] which helps out a lot on my assignments. The library is less distracting because there is no television,” Bennett said.

Cervantes said despite her schedule and majors are not convenient with Bennett, she will try to participate in a study session with Bennett at the Moffett Library.

“Our schedule is opposite of each other, but when we do have a chance to study together she will contact me and be like ‘Hey, I’m at the library. If you have time, you can come to do your assignments with me’ despite our majors are nothing alike,” Cervantes said.

Bennett said she is inclusive of any genres when it comes to listening to music while driving from her occupation.

“In regards to any genres I listen to, I am across the board. I do not exclude any genres. If there is any particular regular jam, it would be the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman,” Bennett said.

For Bennett, she lives with two principles: working hard and living by faith.

“I don’t try to speculate about the future a lot. I can only look at what assignments I need to get done for school and work,” Bennett said.

And there is one quote that resonates with her from The Office.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” Michael Scott said.