Blood drive refuses to accept gay student’s blood

The Wichitan

Tuesday, I was approached to donate blood on campus. Of course without a doubt I agreed to do so because it benefits not just me, but it could save a life.

I then started the process of filling out information and getting ready to donate.

There was a questionnaire with about 40 or so odd questions about my health history with one particular question about sexuality.

I did not lie and I put down that I was a gay male. Soon after a nurse came over and sat down at the computer, she asked  me again about my sexuality.

I confirmed that I was in fact a gay male.

It was then that they told me I was not going to be able to donate because of who I am.

Then, they told me I could have a shirt – like that was going to make up for them not allowing me to give blood.

I then said I have spent far too long lying about my sexuality and I will not do it again just for something that was supposed to be for a good cause.

I would think with such a diverse university as this, that having people on campus that discriminate you for what you are would not happen.

But I guess I was wrong.


Daryl Smith

Senior, social work