‘Extremities’: an opportunity to discuss mature issues

Shaila Botello, Reporter

After the original student director stepped down, Drew Davison, a 2017 Midwestern State graduate, led four student actors through William Mastrosimone’s “Extremities.”

Davison said, “Someone else had chosen the play and I just kind of picked it up.”

A play for mature audiences only, it touches on subjects such as assault, attempted rape and has strong language. The play centers on a woman named Marjorie who fights back at her attacker Raul. Marjorie then holds the attacker hostage while her and her roommates decide what is the best way to deal with Raul.

“It took a lot of practice and a lot of trust,”  Denush Vidanapathirana (Raul) said of how difficult it was to portray an attacker.

Jordan Lovell (Patricia) said she believes the show raises awareness.

Lovell said, “People don’t understand how significant rape is, they think that it doesn’t happen a lot. This show raises awareness because it is so intense and it does make you so incredibly uncomfortable. I feel like it’s trying to help people understand that it’s not just something you can brush under the rug.”

The show ran from Sept. 13-16 in Bea wood Studio Theatre and included a team of people behind the scenes as well.


  • Brea Solis, Marjorie
  • Denush Vidanapathirana, Raul
  • Savannah Burks, Terry
  • Jordan Lovell, Patricia


  • Drew Davison, director
  • Seth Angelino, stage manager
  • Addrian Gaut, props master
  • TreAuchana Miller-Wright, lighting designer
  • Ron Harle, carpenter