Jeff Hamon, a senior in exercise physiology, Jackie Dominguez, also a junior in exercise physiology, and Paola Vazquez, a senior in exercise physiology, eat their cajun food at the first Food Truck Friday on campus, Sept. 14, 2018. Photo by Bradley Wilson

About 120 students attend first Food Truck Friday

September 15, 2018

Food Truck Friday took place at the Jesse Rogers Promenade on Sept. 14 despite a slight rain shower earlier in the day, featuring food from Best Bayou Bites, El Norteño, Red River Hot Dogs, and Kooley’s Shaved Ice.  The trucks were on campus from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and about 120 students who attended.

The event was originally scheduled for Sept. 7, but was rescheduled due to heavy rain.

“I heard about it last week when we were supposed to have it but it got rained out and I was really upset,” Cameron Carter, radiology freshman, said. “But they moved it here and I saw it in the student center.”

Ruby Arriaga, student involvement activities coordinator said it was her student assistant who came up with the idea. 

“She’s a student here so she was like ‘You know what we should bring? A lot of the other campuses have food trucks.’ So Mario and I, with her ideas, called different food trucks and everything so we brought them here.”

The event was announced via social media and flyers around campus.

“I saw posts about it on Twitter,” Sedona Swanner, radiology sophomore, said. “I’ve heard people talk about it on campus.”

The first 100 students who arrived received a ticket worth $5 that was redeemable at any food truck.

“I went to Best Bayou Bites, and I got the free ticket, so I got the $5 free food, and it was good,” Carter said. “I got a shrimp po’ boy and the Cajun French Fries.”

The large student turnout caused long lines at the food trucks, but the students said it was worth the wait.

“The taco line is long, but I haven’t had a hot dog in forever, and it’s really good” Jackie Dominguez, exercise physiology junior, said.

Arriaga said there are talks of making Food Truck Friday a monthly event.

“I’m an RA, so seeing all the residents out here makes me happy,” Dominguez said. “The community is excellent.”

jake interviewing

Jake Clancy interviews Jackie Dominguez, a junior in exercise physiology, at the Food Truck Friday. Photo by Bradley Wilson


After watching the lines that wound around the plaza get longer and longer then shorter and shorter, I couldn’t spend all this time and not eat.

I ordered the Lindseyanna patty melt from Best Bayou Bites.  I chose Best Bayou Bites over the other trucks because Cajun food isn’t widely available in our area.

The patty melt contains beef, pork, onions, cheese and Boudreaux sauce on roasted sourdough bread.

I enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend it.

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