Intramural flag football begins


Samuel Frederick

Players strategize during timeout of flag football game

Samuel Frederick, Reporter

Recreational sports began a three-week intramural flag football season Sept. 12 for co-ed or single-gender teams.

Two all-girls teams competed on the practice fields and about 80 students came to watch. “Back That Pass Up” played against the “Aesthetic Athletes” and came up victorious.

Tori Phillips, exercise physiology senior, said, “I joined because I am actually really competitive. We played really well as a team and we were able to put them in the ground.”

Other students came just to watch their friends in action and enjoy the competition.

Misty Muniz, exercise physiology senior, said, “My friend wanted to come watch her play, its kind of exciting to watch because the players really get into it. The coaches also get so involved and over the top that its really funny.

One student came to prepare for his officiating class that requires him to referee and upcoming flag football game.

“I have an officiating class, and I wanted to see what the games where like before I had to referee one,” said Jaden Watson, criminal justice sophomore.

He also said it seems to get really intense out there and the teams are actually competing hard to win.

The recreational sports organization hosts these tournaments for students as a chance to get physically active on campus. They also provide all equipment and make sure things are in order.

Rodrigo Mireles, marketing senior and recreational sports supervisor, said, “We provide the flags and jerseys for the players, we provide the scoreboard and its our job to make sure that the game is running smoothly and it does not get out of hand. We also make sure everyone is registered and eligible to play.”

Mireles said the season is three weeks long and will conclude with a playoff bracket and championship game for each set of teams, and even though the deadline to sign up was last Thursday, he still welcomes all students to come watch.

“All teams will compete in a playoff bracket and the winner of each will receive a free intramural championship T-shirt, the signup deadline was last Thursday but we still welcome all students to come and watch,” Mireles said.

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