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Campus affected by heavy rains and flooding

September 8, 2018

Due to heavy rains, the campus experienced high waters and some flooding, specifically near Sundance Court earlier Friday afternoon. Students and Sundance residents Soliman Barakat and Brooklyn Lambert experienced this first hand.

Soliman Barakat, general business junior, said “My experience with the flooding today was horrible, I got soaked and drenched in water and it was not cool at all.  Yes I have [experienced flooding at my past college] but, it’s worse at midwestern than my other school because we have to do a lot of walking from Sundance. So, we get soaked and drenched in water more and the only thing really close to is the gym.”

Brooklyn Lambert, radiology junior, had a similar encounter. Lamber said she had wet socks and shoes all day, stating it is the worst feeling in the world.

“It kinda sucked because you had to go sit in class when you were wet, and had to sit there. It would be kind of nice if they had some sort of system where you won’t get as wet going to class,” Lambert said. “It’s pretty much like this every year. I know down by one of the buildings one semester they laid down like plywood stuff where it was flooding so you can you could walk over it. So, if they do it where it usually floods, it would be a lot easier.”

Ruth Black, wichita falls resident and alumni, experienced the flooding near Sundance on the way to target. Black stated she saw a car partially submerged in about three feet of water. She then took pictures of the incident and posted them on Facebook.

“The MSU police officers were stopped there blocking traffic from trying to turn in that way because it was halfway past their tires and they were pretty high off the ground. It looked like they were trying to help out a guy: either trying to get the car started and the second picture looks like it may have been some sort of bigger vehicle behind it,” Black said. “When we came back about 30 minutes later, I took that other picture where just because it was so bizarre how it was three foot of water and when we came back it was totally clear.”

Fortunately, the Sikes Lake Clean up is still on for tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

Armando Muniz, grounds maintenance superintendent, “Unless it’s heavy rain, or lightning, it will still go on.”

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