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2017-2018 salaries

May 2, 2018

Francisco Martinez
Adam Lei, Bridwell distinguished professor of finance, speaks on bank procedures on deposits and withdraws during class at Dillard on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Photo by Francisco Martinez

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Data provided by the Office of Administration and Finance for full-time employees

Full Name Title Salary
Suzanne Shipley President $310,000
James Johnston Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs $190,000
Marilyn Fowle VP, Administration and Finance $185,283
Keith Williamson Medical Director, Vinson Health Center $179,403
Anthony Vidmar VP, University Advancement and Public Affairs $163,216
Keith Lamb VP, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management $161,994
Jeffrey Stambaugh Interim Dean/Associate Professor $149,988
Terry Patton Associate Professor/Chair $146,605
Matthew Capps Dean/Professor $139,686
Robert Forrester Assistant Professor $135,000
Ronald Young Associate Professor $134,653
Barry Macha General Counsel $133,475
Samuel Watson Dean/Professor $131,890
Kyle Williams Athletic Director $130,000
Jeffrey Killion Interim Dean/Professor $129,348
Susan Anders Associate Professor $127,442
David Sanchez Chief Information Officer $126,250
Margaret Marsden Dean/Associate Professor $124,860
Martin Camacho Dean/Associate Professor $124,860
Yung-Chou Adam Lei Professor $124,559
Paul San Miguel Assistant Professor $121,200
Kathryn Stewart (Zuckweiler) Graduate Dean/Associate Professor $121,200
Kyle Owen Associate VP, Facilities Services $120,620
Nelson Haggerty Head Coach, Men’s Basketball $119,658
Bobby Thomas Associate Professor $117,822
William Maskill Head Coach, Football $116,302
Deborah Barrow Director, Board & Government Relations $114,894
Kathleen Williamson Associate Professor/Chair $114,151
Catherine Gaharan Associate Professor $113,945
Shih Yung Chou Associate Professor/Chair $113,500
Scott Manley Assistant Professor $112,211
Rajendra Desai Associate Professor/Chair $112,211
William Scott Meddaugh Professor $111,437
Kristen Garrison Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Education & Assessment $111,100
Mike Patterson Professor $110,477
Ranette Halverson Professor/Chair $107,947
Qian Li Associate Professor $107,723
Sheldon Wang Professor $107,121
Valarie Maxwell Director, Budget & Management $106,167
Jamie Grigsby Assistant Professor $105,000
Elizabeth Rincon-Zachary Professor $104,980
Pamela Morgan Director, Continuing, Professional, and Distance Education $103,543
Phillip Wilson Associate Professor $103,234
Thuy Nguyen Assistant Professor $102,826
George Diekoff Professor $101,684
Guoying Zhang Associate Professor $100,786
Niyati Kataria Assistant Professor $100,480
Nelson Passos Professor $100,178
Mark Farris Professor $100,021
Rhonda McClung Asst Vice President, Gift Planning & Development $100,000
Robin Lockhart Assistant Professor $99,957
John Martinez Professor $99,817
Charles Bultena Associate Professor $99,256
Jie Zhang Associate Professor $99,256
Patrick Coggins Chief of Police $98,853
Dora Gayonne Beavers Director, Admissions $98,853
Matthew Park Associate VP, Student Affairs & Dean of Students $98,848
Emily Labeff Professor $98,672
Kristopher Tilker Professor $97,990
Clara Latham University Librarian $97,696
William Cook Professor/Chair $97,690
Harry Hewitt Professor/Chair $97,185
Karen Polvado Associate Professor $97,026
David Rankin Professor/Chair $96,172
Beth Veale Professor $95,502
Mahmoud Elsharafi Assistant Professor $95,116
Jeffrey Oxford Professor/Chair $94,145
Catherine Stringfellow Professor $93,746
Mohamed Azzouz Associate Professor $93,557
Jim Hall Chief Information Security Officer $93,527
Jiaxi Luo Assistant Professor $92,118
Jan Brink Associate Professor $91,400
Roland Glean Director, International Services $90,656
Christopher Stovall Controller $90,620
Jeffery Ray Head Coach Golf/Coord, Champs Life Skills $90,138
William David Percy Director, Contruction Services $89,483
Stephen Shelley Director, Purchasing & Contract Management $89,026
Beverly Stiles Professor/Chair $88,515
Leigh Kidwell Director, Internal Audits $88,453
Noel Johnson Head Coach, Women’s Basketball $87,480
Darla Inglish Registrar $87,453
Dawn Fisher Director, Human Resources $86,513
Kathleen Browning Director, Financial Aid $86,510
Donald Maxwell Professor $85,888
Frank Wyatt Professor $85,774
Betty Bowles Associate Professor $85,611
Nathan Moran Professor/Chair $85,238
Jeong Tae Ok Assistant Professor $85,081
Everett Kindig Professor $84,379
Jennifer Anderson Assistant Professor/Chair $83,648
Mark McClendon Director, Institutional Research & Assessment $83,390
Kristi Schulte Director, Residence Life & Housing $83,282
Robert Johnson Professor $82,475
Yu Guo Assistant Professor $82,370
David Carlston Professor/Chair $81,965
Patrick Mitchell Professor $81,628
Dawn Slavens Professor/Chair $81,474
Michael Shipley Professor $81,137
Jody Elgin Administrative Systems Manager $80,992
Roberto Fuertes-Manjon Professor $80,820
Brent Wetendorf Assistant Professor $80,800
Michael Vandehey Professor $80,223
Stuart McClintock Professor $80,192
Lynette Watts Associate Professor $80,088
Regina Howard Assistant Professor $80,000
Kimberly Mercer Assistant Professor $80,000
Lisa Holcomb Assistant Professor/Flower Mound $80,000
Randy Canivel Director, Flower Mound Campus $79,992
Michael Mills Director, International Education $79,910
Julie Gaynor Director, Marketing & Public Information $79,596
Pablo Garcia-Fuentes Assistant Professor $79,568
Robert Comello Associate Professor $79,397
Gilbert Dail Neely Director, Student Conduct /Clark Student Center $79,389
Charles Doug Elder Head Coach, Men’s Soccer $79,271
Michaelle Kitchen Associate Professor/Chair $79,075
Ruth Morrow Professor $79,059
Jean Phifer Associate Professor $78,940
Richard Simpson Assistant Professor $78,868
Francine Carraro Director, Museum $78,841
Gary Morrison Associate Professor $78,695
Gary Goldberg Professor $78,614
Vanda Cullar Director, SBDC $78,524
Elizabeth Lewandowski Professor $78,512
Victoria Sanders Associate Professor $78,268
Catherine Pankonien Assistant Professor $77,748
James Owen Assistant Professor $77,528
Ann Marie Leimer Associate Professor/Chair $77,174
Tina Johnson Associate Professor $76,190
James Sernoe Associate Professor/Chair $75,879
Michelle Knox Professor $75,855
Agim Kukeli Assistant Professor $75,750
Jianguo Shao Professor $75,620
Kurt Portmann Executive Associate Athletic Director $75,504
Stephen Shipp Director, University Development $75,445
Dirk Welch Director, Career Management & Testing Services $75,371
Terry Griffin Associate Professor $75,310
Timothy Justus Associate Professor $75,286
Satya Ayinagadda Associate Professor/Chair $75,181
Dirk Lindemann Associate Professor $75,060
Jonathan Price Associate Professor/Chair $74,972
Kathy Rice Director, Payroll $74,563
Tammy Kurszewski Assistant Professor $74,142
Debra Higginbotham Director, Disability Support Services $74,030
Pamala Midgett Director, Counseling Center $74,003
Melody Chandler Director, Simulation Center $73,622
Angie Reay Director, Recreational Sports and Wellness $73,447
Linda Fosnaugh Associate Professor $73,442
Roe Roberts Associate Professor $72,927
Lisa Estrada-Hamby Director, Student Support Services $72,398
Cammie Dean Director, Student Development & Orientation $71,581
Barbara Debois Assistant Professor/Chair $71,282
Matthew Luttrell Associate Professor $71,091
Phillip Blacklock Assistant Professor $71,077
Suguru Hiraide Professor $70,973
Perry Griner Director, Student Business Services $70,937
Kevin Clark Assistant Professor $70,897
Delores Jackson Director, BAAS Program $70,766
Cesar Alvarado Assistant Professor $70,700
Lauren Jansen Associate Professor $70,578
Randy Case Assistant Professor $70,387
Catherine Prose Professor $70,379
Edward Schultz Associate Professor $70,374
Christopher Hansen Associate Professor/Chair $70,270
Joel Schmitter Associate Professor $70,166
Roy Vogtsberger Associate Professor $70,057
Syreeta Greene Director, Equity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Affairs $69,950
Rebecca Dodge Associate Professor $69,609
Jacqueline Dunn Associate Professor $69,351
Ashley Hurst Director, Tutoring and Academic Support Programs $69,257
Stephanie Baker Assistant Professor $69,196
Jackie Miller Assistant Professor $68,857
Attapol Kuanliang Associate Professor $68,857
Carmen Cain Database Administrator $68,808
Steve Garrison Associate Professor/Chair $68,368
Sharon Arnoult Associate Professor $67,859
James Masuoka Associate Professor $67,782
Jon Scales Assistant Professor $67,743
Randal Hallford Associate Professor $67,716
Paul Guthrie Associate Professor $67,307
Debra Wynne Assistant Professor/Interim Chair $67,268
Erica Judie Assistant Professor $67,123
Raymond Willis Associate Professor $66,960
Kristina Halberg Assistant Professor $66,000
Patricia Andersen Associate Professor $65,915
Fredric Davis Associate Professor $65,660
Rodney Fisher Assistant Professor $65,592
Kym Acuna Assistant Professor $65,552
Guy Bernard Associate Professor $65,433
Jeffrey Hood Associate Professor $65,433
Denise Simmons Assistant Professor $65,388
John Vowell Instructor $65,374
Jesse Carlucci Associate Professor $65,361
Marcy Beck Assistant Professor $65,309
Robert Steflik Technology Analyst $64,794
Terry McDonald Associate Professor $64,733
SuHua Huang Associate Professor $64,570
Eduardo Colmenares – Diaz Assistant Professor $64,266
Packiaraj Arumugham Associate Professor $64,266
Laura Fidelie Associate Professor $64,266
Charles Watson Associate Professor $63,852
Kimberly Onstott Assistant Professor $63,756
Jessyca Wagner Assistant Professor $63,756
Julie Wood Assistant Professor $63,700
Nathan Jun Associate Professor $63,565
Suzanne Lindt Associate Professor $63,247
Cindy Ashlock Executive Assistant to the President $63,217
Kirsten Lodge Associate Professor $63,213
Susan Harvey Associate Professor/Chair $63,210
Stacia Miller Associate Professor $63,146
Mary Elizabeth Lewis Associate Professor $63,015
Christina McIntyre Associate Professor $62,738
Tiffany Stewart Associate Professor $62,484
Claudia Montoya Associate Professor $62,397
Bingyang Wei Assistant Professor $62,226
Jeremy Duff Associate Professor $61,797
Bradley Wilson Associate Professor $61,754
Linda Veazey Associate Professor $61,741
Eric Koger Associate Professor $61,666
Randi Roanhaus Accreditation Manager, DCOBA $61,613
Conna Bral Manager, Accreditation $61,613
Todd Giles Associate Professor $61,539
Peter Fields Associate Professor $61,319
Mandy Sedden Assistant Professor $61,206
Leland Turner Associate Professor $60,951
Jessica Fino Assistant Professor $60,600
Teresa Tempelmeyer Assistant Professor $60,600
N. Sugumaran Narayanan Associate Professor $60,440
Steven Hilton Associate Professor $60,379
Dittika Gupta Assistant Professor $60,288
Mary Owen Assistant Professor $60,000
Zeki Ilhan Visiting Assistant Professor $60,000
Daphney Curry Assistant Professor/Chair $59,496
Richard Frank Manager, Facilities Information and University Health/Safety $59,288
Cindy Wood BSN Nurse Educator $59,014
Emily Rutherford Assistant Professor $58,962
William Shane Perry PC Network Services Manager $58,835
Rich Renner Assistant Coach, Football $58,597
Andrea Williams Associate University Librarian $58,555
Ben Atkins Assistant Professor $58,411
Matthew Murphy Database Administrator $58,239
Emily Reeves Assistant Professor $58,146
Austin Kureethara Manuel Assistant Professor $57,570
Lynda Cannedy Assistant Director, SBDC $57,228
Soon-Mi Choi Assistant Professor $57,126
Sarah Cobb Assistant Professor $57,013
Bonnie King Assistant Professor $57,000
Daria Close Assistant Professor $56,762
Sandra Shawver Assistant Professor $56,750
Scott Linn Head Coach, Tennis $56,661
Noel Dean Price Central Plant Superintendent $56,651
Cynthia Griffin Assistant Professor $56,616
Linda Treitler Assistant Professor $56,616
Greg Giddings Assistant Professor $56,220
Jonathan Matt Shirey Webmaster $56,113
Ann Blankenship Assistant Professor $56,106
Fu Cheng Liang Assistant Professor $56,000
Preet Sharma Assistant Professor $56,000
Koby Styles Head Coach, Women’s Cross Country $55,754
Damian Clarke Head Coach, Women’s Soccer $55,689
Angela Cartwright Assistant Professor $55,595
Michelle Hall Assistant Professor $55,550
Sara Webb Business Manager, Facilities Services $55,459
Adam Austin Assistant Coach, Football $55,380
Elizabeth Minden Instructor $55,275
Debra Kelley Assistant Professor $55,085
Marcos Lopez Assistant Professor $55,085
Matthew Steimel Programmer Analyst II $55,062
Steven Charles Zamastil Director, MSU Cycling Team $55,028
Sandra Kemp Assistant Professor $55,000
Yasha Assistant Professor/Flower Mound $55,000
Leslee Ponder Liasion, Alumni Engagement $55,000
Vicki Jackson Project Manager, Mustangs HRSA Grant $55,000
Terri Farabee Visiting Assistant Professor $55,000
Jamie Wilson Associate Registrar $54,549
Lauren Armstrong Assistant Professor $54,540
Sally Henschel Assistant Professor $54,540
Mary Wines Instructor $54,323
Lynn Ducioame Associate Director, Career Management & Testing Services $54,311
Jami Hogue BSN Nurse Educator $54,106
Paula Parks BSN Nurse Educator $54,106
John Schulze Assistant Professor $54,065
Mark Ryal Head Coach, Softball $54,021
Crystal Boyle Assistant Director, Extended Education $54,000
Melissa Nivens Assistant Professor $54,000
Valencia Tamper Assistant Professor $54,000
Andrew Allen Assistant Professor $53,351
Allison Breen Librarian, Information Services/Reference $53,271
Amanda Nimetz Assistant Professor $53,209
Yvonne Franke Assistant Professor $53,126
Trey Reed Assistant Director, Athletics for Sports Information $53,076
Whitney Snow Assistant Professor $53,059
Dale Heidebrecht Assistant Professor $53,045
Gordon Hicken Assistant Professor $53,045
Christi Maturo Assistant Professor $53,045
Jonathon Quam Assistant Professor $53,045
Andrea Button Assistant Professor $53,021
Mark DeLaGarza Programmer Analyst II $53,000
Linda Rose Assistant Controller $52,936
Sandra Barnett Assistant Director, Marketing $52,936
Leslie Berryhill Instructional Designer $52,936
Elizabeth Machunis-Masuoka Instructor $52,783
Brandy Jolliff Scott Assistant Professor $52,535
Morgan Page Assistant Professor $52,520
Tiffany Ziegler Assistant Professor $52,520
Jason Bly Assistant Professor $52,500
Sally Story Assistant Professor $52,500
Christopher Vivio Assistant Professor $52,500
Susan Henson Assistant Professor $52,498
Candice Fulton Assistant Professor $52,482
Gary Diehm Instructor $52,458
Sandra Belcher Assistant Professor $52,239
Debbie Vaughn Internal Auditor $52,089
Jeff Desborough Manager, Grounds & Custodial Services $52,025
Isaac Christiansen Assistant Professor $52,000
Geoffrey Clegg Assistant Professor $52,000
Tyler Williams Assistant Professor $52,000
Tiffany Kosse Medical Office Manager $51,835
Douglas Allison Electrical Superintendent $51,817
Christopher Thames PC Network Lead Technician II $51,584
Daniel Stroud Assessment Specialist $51,510
Michael Alpers Instructor $51,510
Cortny Bates Associate University Librarian $51,299
Kelly Medellin Instructor $51,006
Timothy Hinchman Instructor $50,500
Marcie Reynolds Instructor $50,500
Linda Knox Assistant Registrar $50,497
Chun Wai Newman Wong Research Analyst $50,296
Tomas Schaaf Programmer Analyst II $50,276
Jesse Johnson PC Network Lead Technician $50,059
Tera Humphrey Associate Director, Residence Life & Housing $49,833
William Lyons Instructor/Interim Chair $49,659
Jolene Welch Assistant to Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs $49,608
Amanda Snodgrass Assistant Director, Athletics for Business/Finance $49,592
Patricia Lowry Coordinator, Donor Data & Research $49,334
Leah Hickman Associate Director, Admissions $49,293
Catherine Rudy Academic Counselor/Health Sciences $49,261
Armando Muniz Grounds Maintenance Supervisor $48,961
Scott Feldman Program Specialist/ASC $48,670
Jadine Buckley University Nurse – RN $48,595
Akrati Gupta Instructor $48,480
Kenneth Randy Wilkins Assistant Coach, Football $48,202
Reagan Foster Assistant Director, Athletics for Student Athlete Dev & Community Outreach $48,101
Treva Clifton Assistant to the President $47,922
Alex Herron Assistant Coach, Football $47,851
Joseph Mrugalski Assistant Director, Purchasing & Contracts Management $47,754
Ryan Samuelson Librarian, Information Services/Gov’t Publications $47,470
Michelle Wells Associate Director, Financial Aid $47,112
Adam Pitts Assistant Director, Admissions $46,965
Freddie Banks Assistant Coach, Football $46,894
Christopher Reay Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball $46,543
Donte Ellington Ellis Assistant Coach, Football $46,430
Terrell Dockum Painting Foreperson $46,270
Terri Decker Librarian, Catalog $45,838
Laura Peterson Assistant Director, Univ Development for Donor Services & Scholarships $45,775
Daniel Winslow Librarian, Collection Development/Systems $45,730
Pamela Moss Assistant Professor $45,518
Norma Ramirez Assistant Director, Residence Life & Housing $45,508
Dylan Dudley Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball $45,265
Vikki Chaviers Professional Counselor $45,073
Ann Moulding Visiting Instructor $45,000
Sarah Butler Instructor $44,861
Karen Collins Assistant Director, Financial Aid $44,810
Judith Salazar Benefits Administrator $44,721
Albert Jimenes Jr. Police Sergeant $44,682
Deb Schulte Assistant to the Provost & VP Academic Affairs $44,555
Ramona Cerise Wuthrich Instructor $44,426
Billy D. Smith Assistant Professor $44,310
Hugo Erazo Assistant Director, Admissions $44,221
Anna Daugherty Senior Budget Analyst $43,935
James Morris Learning Management System Technician $43,718
Mario Ramirez Assistant Director, Student Development & Orientation $43,693
Ashley Tipton Librarian, Serials & Interlibrary Loan $43,488
Jon Lane Postal Services Supervisor $43,488
Joseph Snyder Police Sergeant $43,260
Kelly Murphy Assistant Director, Admissions $43,259
Mark Morgan Central Plant Assistant Superintendent $43,092
Sandra Grant Instructor $42,844
Rebecca Green Instructor $42,799
Daniel Leslie Business Analyst/SBDC $42,743
Hayley Roach Accountant III $42,689
Danny Bills Museum Curator, Collections and Exhibitions $42,682
Christanie Rodriguez Instructor $42,334
Mary Helen Maskill Museum, Community Engagement Manager $42,216
Shauna Kennedy Help Desk Analyst $42,208
Julie Thar Accountant III $42,174
Laura Hetrick Counselor/Psychologist $42,174
Juliana Lehman-Felts Assistant Director, Honors Program $41,713
Michael Gillis Carpentry Foreperson $41,639
Jamie Fowler Custodial Services Superintendent $41,360
David Strickland Electronics Technician $41,320
Brittany Fernholz Programmer Analyst I $41,308
Douglas Collins Electronics Technician $41,216
Beverly Stump Assistant to VP, University Advancement and Public Affairs $41,170
Janet Clark Assistant Director, Student Business Services $41,160
Stephanie Sullivan Assistant Director, Career Management Center $40,944
Sara Fuller Program Coordinator, IELI $40,400
Michael Richardson Assistant Director, Rec Sports/Wellness $40,305
Laura Salazar Assistant to VP, Student Affairs and Enrollment Mgmt for Operations $40,305
Emily Billings Librarian, Electronic Access Media $40,305
Brittany Norman Research Administrator $40,305
Mariana Lynn Jones Instructor $40,217
Nathaniel Blank Stockroom Manager/Inventory Coordinator $40,199
Andy Martinez Supervisor, Print Shop $40,146
Kimberly Beck Lecturer $40,000
Christopher D’Amico Lecturer $40,000
Kyle Keel Lecturer $40,000
Donovan Irven Lecturer $40,000
Bobby Fisher Electrical Foreperson $39,900
Ray Villarreal Instructor $39,813
Mark Gilbow Police Officer III $39,789
Deidre Frazier Academic Advisor Coordinator $39,316
Steven Callarman Police Officer III $39,293
George Ohmstede Police Officer III $39,293
Sherri Helms International Outreach Specialist $39,188
Adam Chavez Graphic Designer $39,031
Joshua Maxwell Museum Curator, Education $38,904
Richard Hill Police Officer III $38,904
Cameron Hughes Police Officer III $38,904
Aaron Williams Police Officer III $38,904
Johnny McDowell Telecommunications Technician $38,662
Jake Landon Strength & Conditioning Coach $38,276
Raddiete Ghion Geosciences Outreach Coordinator $38,000
Jock McCrary AC/Refrigeration Mechanic II $37,873
Daniel Field Auto Mechanic Foreperson $37,832
Dottie Westbrook Academic Counselor/Liberal Arts $37,803
Robert Enloe PC Network Services Technician $37,793
Jay Barnett Laboratory Technician, Engineering $37,592
Rebekah Jones Hardware Technician $37,521
Steven Draper PC Network Services Technician $37,521
Michael Meachum Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer $37,512
Jerry Aberdeen PC Network Services Technician/Flower Mound $37,149
Krista Rascoe Lecturer $37,000
Terri McCleskey Assistant to Dean/PYCHSS $36,791
Shanna Tole Medical Radiologic Technologist $36,781
Terry Ortiz Accountant II $36,610
Caitlin Schultze Assistant Coach, Softball $36,610
Hope Siffert Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer $36,610
John Forman Assistant Coach, Women’s Volleyball $36,610
Wil Lambert Business Analyst/SBDC $36,610
Michael Moede Plumber $36,356
Ashley Lindsey Publications Specialist $36,340
Angie Lewis Desktop Designer $36,315
Gidget Pettibon Academic Counselor/Fine Arts $36,275
Sherrie Johnson Assistant to Dean/Education $36,267
Jenny Schroeder Academic Advisor Coordinator $36,248
Mel Martinez Instructional Designer, HRSA Grant $36,248
Devionte Lilly Admissions Counselor/Flower Mound $35,859
L. Jeanette Keen Student Services Coordinator – Flower Mound $35,859
Deborah Watson Assistant to Assoc VP, Facilities Services $35,762
Betty Carroll Instructor $35,714
Connie Strickland Payroll Assistant II $35,683
Michael Chisum Residence Hall Maintenance Technician Foreperson $35,662
Lisa Moore Television Techical Assistant $35,284
Patricia Greear Assistant to Dean/Science & Mathematics $35,257
Carlos Aleman Exhibition Preparator/Technical Assistant $35,204
Samantha Carter Instructor $34,845
Laurel Clement Professional Counselor @ 10 mo $34,797
Elizabeth Ysasi International Services Specialist $34,759
Melissa Wright Assistant to Dean/DCOBA $34,752
Camille Smith Purchaser $34,502
Carlena Kundert Academic Counselor/BAAS $34,455
Kathy McGowan Academic Counselor/DCOBA $34,455
Ronald Frank Hall AC/Refrigeration Mechanic II $34,224
Makenna Morton Academic Counselor $34,110
Kayla Meaders Academic Counselor/Education $34,110
Suzanne Hansen Academic Counselor/Health Sciences $34,110
Liza Villadiego Human Resources Assistant III $34,110
Richard Elliott Audio Visual Technician $33,772
Lucy Davis Asst to Dean/Graduate Studies $33,737
Sierra Trenhaile Coordinator, Graduate Student Recruitment, Admission, and Retention $33,239
Karen Renee McAfee Assistant to Dean/Health Sciences & Human Services $33,237
Cynthia Cummings Coordinator, Special Events $33,237
Brianna Satterfield Museum Collections Manager $33,227
Sheri Mummert Administrative Assistant $33,121
Lauren Vidmar Admissions Counselor $32,925
Amy Wardell Admissions Counselor $32,925
Shawn Roberts Central Plant Operator II $32,785
Frank Bohuslav Machinist Technician $32,707
George Castro Admissions Counselor $32,599
Sarah McLemore Admissions Counselor $32,599
Cassandra Shinpaugh Admissions Counselor $32,599
Richard Will Edwards Sports Information Director $32,599
Elizabeth Tucker Assistant to Dean/Education $32,522
Challena Franks Program Coordinator, Student Support Services $32,401
Kimberly Long Assistant to Registrar $32,340
Emma Brown Assistant to Dean/Fain Fine Arts $32,320
Tracy Nichols Coordinator, Contracts $32,227
Lynn Sharp Utility Mechanic $32,157
Steven Brett Wilson Electrician $32,032
Allison Epping Visiting Instructor $32,000
Shani Page Coordinator, SBDC $31,908
Colby Kafer Carpenter $31,824
Michael Deming Mechanic/Bus Driver $31,707
David Clark Central Plant Operator II $31,590
Jordan Roberts Central Plant Operator II $31,571
Alvaro Lopez Coordinator, Social Media $31,512
Sara Connolly Financial Aid Specialist II $31,221
Bricelle Satterfield Assistant to Registrar $31,133
Brenda Stewart Postal Clerk $31,108
Lisa Butler Desktop Designer $30,958
Yangmi Kang Visiting Instructor $30,814
Antoinette Brown Business Assistant $30,676
Sean Guffey Locksmith $30,676
Danette Stalnaker Computer Based Test Center Administrator $30,658
Sandra Krebs Payroll Assistant II $30,566
Kay Hardin Secretary $30,546
Christy Skelton University Nurse – LVN $30,526
Claudio Rodriguez Medina Complex Coordinator $30,400
Mercedes Sears Assistant to Registrar $30,372
Barbara Pinson Assistant to the CIO $30,372
Kayla Brixey Asst to Registrar $30,372
Desiree Gazdik Human Resources Assistant II $30,372
Kathi Shilanski Financial Aid Processor/Counselor $29,933
Stephanie Estrada Secretary $29,370
Jane Engbrock Coordinator, University Gifts $29,356
Derek Soper Residence Hall Director $29,317
Brian Talcott Painter $28,798
Mary Anderson Assistant Professor $28,583
Ruby Arriaga Coordinator, Activities $28,581
Kristin Grassi Coordinator, ADA Accomodations $28,581
Donna Vidmar Coordinator, Student Center Services $28,581
Jesse Brown Coordinator, Student Organization and Leadership Programs $28,581
Jacob Starkey Coordinator, Student Transition Programs $28,581
Edward Mark Custodial Foreperson $28,488
Maria Mendenhall Accounting Assistant III $28,298
Johnna Weigand Asst to Director, International Education $28,298
Lorraine Parmer Coordinator, Continuing Education $28,298
Linda Foster Financial Aid Specialist I $28,298
Mary Lasseter Administrative Assistant $28,199
Connie Nolen Administrative Assistant $28,145
Rebecca Reddick Administrative Assistant $28,143
Deborah Bland Purchasing Assistant $27,965
Gayla Aldrich Secretary $27,854
Melissa Boerma Administrative Assistant $27,841
Bridgette Dolan Financial Aid Processor/Counselor $27,795
Laronda Freeman Registrar Assistant III $27,720
Clara Easterling Administrative Assistant $27,588
Christina Fisher Administrative Assistant $27,588
Steven Fisher Painter $27,588
Clinton Loggins Purchasing Assistant $27,588
Lana Scates Accounting Assistant II $27,315
Amy Chase Administrative Assistant $27,315
Amanda Clawson Administrative Assistant $27,315
Tanya Jordan Administrative Assistant $27,315
Tiffany Ramsey Administrative Assistant $27,315
Linda Gregg Financial Aid Processor/Counselor $27,315
Martinay Sandell Financial Aid Processor/Counselor $27,315
Joshua Ysasi Financial Aid Processor/Counselor $27,315
Angie Edwards Purchasing Assistant $27,315
Catherine Hoffman Registrar Assistant III $27,315
Stephen Young Grounds Foreperson $27,185
Sherry Elton Police Communication Operator $27,177
Barbara Waddell Secretary $27,113
Jason Brezina Library Assistant III $27,035
William Busch Residence Hall Maintenance Technician $26,979
Jason Cooper Grounds Foreperson $26,929
John Doug Griffin Maintenance Technician $26,925
Laura Hiller Library Assistant III $26,883
Timothy Noble Residence Hall Maintenance Technician $26,630
Dove Williams Police Communication Operator $26,376
Ronald Ewing Maintenance Technician $26,366
Elmer Dennis Student Center Maintenance Technician $26,366
Nigel Uline Police Communication Operator $26,358
Danny Willingham Central Plant Operator I $26,263
Jeana Brunson Secretary $26,166
Freddie Johnson Custodian – Facilities Services $26,089
Rebecca Tuck Secretary $26,067
Sommmer Straughter BSN Nurse Educator $26,000
Don Cuffel Groundskeeper $25,960
Courtney Grimes Human Resources Assistant III $25,817
Christina Gragg Medical Office Coordinator $25,705
Tarl Phillips Duplicating Equipment Operator $25,670
Norma Fonseca Custodian – Facilities Services $25,662
Martin Zecha Groundskeeper $25,510
Shane Black Custodial Foreperson $25,450
Wendy Dotson Custodial Foreperson $25,450
Chris Depineda Library Assistant III $25,450
Joseph McNeely Library Assistant III $25,450
Ernest Cooper Custodian – Facilities Services $25,420
Franklin Brasher Custodian – Facilities Services $25,402
Sheila Tucker Secretary $25,339
Linda Carr Registrar Assistant II $25,264
Ray Hyde Visiting Assistant Professor $25,000
Mollie Holdbrook Teller $24,565
Madison Johnson Teller $24,565
Victoria Ponder Custodian – Facilities Services $24,250
Rebecca Mounsey Admissions Evaluator $24,175
Sheila Barrett Secretary $24,009
Emilie Allsup Secretary $23,981
Marilyn Brown Secretary $23,977
Chelbi Daily Admissions Evaluator $23,962
Melissa Poling Admissions Evaluator $23,962
Jennifer Schreiber Admissions Evaluator $23,962
Maria Souliotis Admissions Evaluator $23,962
Michael Ivie Museum Facility Technician $23,962
Pamela Marshall Secretary $23,942
Meagan Hons Secretary $23,665
Janet Rainey Secretary $23,663
Mary Christina Miller Secretary $23,657
Jeanette Perry Secretary $23,592
Marissa Rater College Coordinator $23,582
Mary Patricia Redder Secretary $23,479
Stacey Smith Secretary $23,479
Christina Nugent Secretary $23,471
Amanda Shirey Secretary $23,462
Nancy Halvorsen Secretary $23,453
Courtney Snyder Secretary $23,448
Greta Trigg Secretary $23,448
Kathy Everett Secretary $23,374
Lauren Stillson Secretary $23,366
Wanda Hadnot Custodian – Facilities Services $23,342
Samantha Mayfield Medical Office Coordinator $23,327
Christina Britt Secretary $23,138
Michelle Chavez Secretary $23,138
Nicolette Daubert Secretary $23,138
Shawna Glore Secretary $23,138
Jessica Hulett Secretary $23,138
Kelle Lillie Secretary $23,138
Holley Munholland Secretary $23,138
Denissa Pope Secretary $23,138
Asma Javed Instructor $22,910
Alissa Russell Library Assistant II $22,888
Ginger Falnes Registrar Assistant I $22,888
JoAnn Gonzalez Registrar Assistant I $22,888
Joelee Ashley Secretary $22,888
Suzy McDowell Secretary $22,888
Traci Roberts Secretary $22,888
Julie Scales Secretary $22,888
Richard Bates Storekeeper $22,888
Arminda Moreno Sikes House Custodian $22,774
Lorine Carrasco Custodian – Facilities Services $22,266
Bernadino Mendoza Groundskeeper $22,221
Jermaine Causey Custodian/Mover – Facilities Services $22,035
Vinita Bohnenkamp Lead Custodian – Facilities Services $21,803
Gary Neal Custodian – Facilities Services $21,671
Evidalia Tezaguic Custodian – Facilities Services $21,420
Maria Contreras Custodian – Facilities Services $21,364
John Fuller Groundskeeper $21,345
Tania Correia Library Assistant I $21,325
Shigeko Redmond Custodian – Facilities Services $21,321
Katherine Mendenhall Lead Custodian – Facilities Services $21,068
Serafin Paniagua Groundskeeper $21,055
Kelvin Smith Groundskeeper $21,055
Patricia Gamez Custodian – Facilities Services $20,891
Kenneth Burge Groundskeeper $20,834
Samuel Groves Groundskeeper $20,834
Guadalupe De Leon Custodian – Facilities Services $20,826
Horace Wherry Custodian – Facilities Services $20,784
Nadine Hall Custodian – Facilities Services $20,631
Ronnie Wherry Custodian/Mover – Facilities Services $20,604
Justin Goetze Groundskeeper $20,584
Michael Gonzalez Custodian – Facilities Services $20,581
Delia Gonzalez Custodian – Facilities Services $20,436
Yvonne Julia Allison Lead Custodian – Facilities Services $20,426
Bradley Spear Custodian – Facilities Services $20,375
Mary Kaler Custodian – Facilities Services $20,374
Velia Lozano Custodian – Facilities Services $20,293
Martina Galvan Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Rachel Gillis Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Maria Gutierrez Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
James Hayes Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Jorge Jordan Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Chester Koonce Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Patricia Lindley Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Melvin Martin Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Kurt Morgan Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Elvia Valdez Custodian – Facilities Services $20,118
Debra Chavez Custodian – Facilities Services $19,868
Christopher Goolsby Custodian – Facilities Services $19,868
Michael Harmon Custodian – Facilities Services $19,868
Kimberly McCoy Custodian – Facilities Services $19,868
Jeffery Sampson Custodian – Facilities Services $19,868
Rhonda ONeal Custodian- Facilities Svcs $19,868
Susan Wissinger Admissions Evaluator $18,656
Jacqueline Arroyo Fields Secretary $18,492
Cody Parish Coordinator, Honors Program $14,149
Kathleen Floyd Marketing & Public Information Assistant $14,089
Joel Mack Instructor $13,250

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