75 students attend UPB grocery bingo night

latoya fondren

Casey Albrikes, radiology sophomore, Zander Leary, nursing freshman, and Madelyn Eckeberger, nursing sophomore, play bingo at CSC Comanche Suite on Jan 17. Photo by Latoya Fondren

Tide Pods, fruit snacks, ramen noodles and toiletries were just some of the prizes presented to 75 students as they gathered in the Clark Student Center to play grocery bingo hosted by the University Programming Board on Jan 17.

Ruby Arriaga, activities coordinator of Student Involvement, said there was a good turn out of students.

“Whenever we do bingo in the fall, we have a better turn out because more freshman come in and they want to see what we’re doing,” Arriaga said.

Zander Leary, nursing freshman, said he was invited by his friends and would’ve loved to have won Tide Pods.

“I’m better off with the groceries, but I would’ve loved to win the Tide Pods. Not to eat them, but to use them normally or to play dodgeball,” Leary said.

Leary said he had his eyes on the toilet paper and snacks because he’s a starving child.

“Bingo being as easy as it is it brings a lot of people out. There were a lot more than I expected to be here which is nice. It’s easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of skill, just all luck and you win stuff,” Leary said.

Arriaga said the purpose of bingo night is for students who choose not to go out or go home and, instead, have a fun activity to to do on campus.

“Bingo gets the community together,” Leary said. “I wasn’t going to come here, but my friends dragged me out so getting people out here and doing stuff is nice.”

Dierrica Smith, mass communication senior, said “My favorite moment during bingo night would have to be being with my friends and anticipating a win.”

Leary said it’s important for students to get out and play because it causes people to make new friends.

“All the events are to welcome students back and remind them, ‘Don’t forget to have a great week back to school,'” Arriaga said. “I know it kind of sucks that you’re back to school, but think about the fun things that are happening throughout.”

Casey Albrikes, radiology sophomore, said he enjoys being able to take a nap as he plays bingo.

“The game tonight is semi-competitive depending on how much you got going and I had my eyes on the chips and the cereal,” Albrikes said. “I was hoping to win the Tide Pods, but I won the bean bag chair and it feels great to have won something useful.”

Smith said, “I would have loved to win the toilet paper and paper towels or even the goody bag that had Tide Pods and washing powder.”

Arriaga said she brainstormed prize ideas with other UPB members to see what students would like.

“We bought more groceries for necessities and I think everyone was surprised that there were a lot of things they could use,” Arriaga said. “Giving away chips, Capri Suns, and fruit snacks were a huge part that we did differently from the fall.”

Arriaga said her team budgeted about $200 for prizes that were worth about an hour and a half of playtime.

Nursing sophomore, Madelyn Eckeberger, said, “Bingo is kind of relaxing to play and you can win free stuff. I won a laundry package, some Tide Pods, dryer sheets, and a laundry hamper.”

Eckeberger said she felt happy the moment she won a prize and will be sharing her Tide Pods with friends.

“I think the prizes will be useful for college students and I think the event is pretty cool,” Eckeberger said. “UPB puts a lot of programs on campus and it helps people get involved and keeps them from being cooped up in the room all day in college.”

Eckeberger said it’s important to focus on your school work, but it’s also important to have some fun while you’re here in college . She also said kids come back kind of stressed because they are starting all new classes and Stampede Week gives them things to do besides just being worried about classes.

Arriaga said, “You hear a lot of students that are with their friends and that’s really important. They come together to play bingo. These events are therapeutic and also a way to get back with their friends because they’re like, ‘I haven’t seen you in forever.’ Even though it’s just been like a month that feels like forever, so I think that’s the point.”


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