Movie Madness brings relief to students for finals

brittni vilandre

As part of Moffett Movie Madness two professors show “Scrooged” for students to enjoy in the Moffett Library Dec. 5. Photo by Harlie David

About 25 students gathered in the Moffett Library on Dec. 5 to relieve the stress of cramming for finals by enjoying the showing of the 1988 film “Scrooged.” Students of assistant professor of history, Whitney Snow also went to the event as an opportunity to obtain extra credit points on their final exam.

With free popcorn every showing, the library focuses on providing a new movie every couple of months for the students to enjoy and take a break from studying.

Alison Rios, dental hygiene sophomore, attended for the extra credit, but said the movie also helped benefit her in more ways than one.

“It was really funny,” Rios said. “I’ve never seen it before. It was kind of break from studying for finals.”

Rios said she had no second thoughts when she heard the film was extra credit. The enjoyment of the stress free two hours was worth it according to Rios and she recommends future students attend similar events.

“My history professor said it was extra credit on our final,” Rios said. “It looked interesting because it was a movie. I would recommend people to come, it’s a break, and it’s worth it to come and get some points on your final.”

Snow hoped to bring the holiday spirit while giving the students what they wanted in a movie that has never been shown at Movie Madness.

“Dr. Franke and I chose this film because we were looking for a more contemporary movie,” Snow said. “We thought about something like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘Miracle on 42nd Street,’ but then we were trying to find something that would appeal more to millennials. And you know Bill Murray of course is a big star, and even though this came out in 1988 and it’s a bit dated, it is a very interesting interpretation of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.'”

New to the world of Movie Madness, Snow hopes to help carry on the tradition and help in the planning of future events.

“This is my first time to do a Christmas one,” Snow said. “I’ve only recently gotten involved in Movie Madness, but I hope to continue to do so”.

Kamryn Mayberry, exercise physiology freshman, said she enjoyed the different take on the original film “A Christmas Carol.”

“It wasn’t [anything] like I’ve seen before like different versions of ‘A Christmas Carol,'” Mayberry said. “This was really unique and it was funny and it was kind of a nice relaxing feeling. I really enjoyed it.”

Mayberry said her favorite Christmas movie is “The Polar Express” due to the spirit it brings, but sees “Scrooged” as being her new favorite version of “A Christmas Carol.”

“I really like this version now,” Mayberry said. “Just because it really is more of an updated version and it had a lot of comic relief in it.”

Mayberry has heard of past Movie Madness events, but never attended. After attending her first one, she said she now hopes to attend more movies in the future.

“Especially it being finals week, it’s kind of like a relaxing time to just get your mind off other things going on, so it was nice,” Mayberry said.