Sigma Sundae sweetens philanthropy with ice cream

Mia Heck

Sigma Kappa sorority hosted a sundae bar Tuesday, Nov. 15 in the Comanche Student Center to raise money for various charitable organizations

“This is such a big event for our Sigma Kappa foundation,” Carrie Halbrooks, vice president of Sigma Kappa’s philanthropic services, said. “All the money made tonight all goes to our five charities that are Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology research, Maine Sea Coast Mission Alzheimer’s Disease research.”

The Sigma Kappa women spent their week selling the $3 tickets to this event with each member expected to raise $15.

“Last year we did Sigma Spuds night so this year we thought Sigma Sundae would be just as productive for our fundraising,” Sydney Bateman, education junior, said. “We printed our fliers and posted about this event all over our social medias to ensure that people on campus knew about our event.”

Despite the social media presence, the event ended half an hour early. According to junior marketing major Jessica Heinz, who was working the check-in desk, clean up begun at 8 p.m.. The sorority lined up to serve alumni, students, faculty and staff.

“I love seeing my friends and teachers come out to support my sorority,” Marina Lash, undecided freshman, said. “The campus is so friendly and willing to help.”

Halbrook said their chapter goal was to raise a minimum of $1,500 and that the sorority has already raised more than $1,200 of the money they would like to donate. The Sigma Sundae event raised $999 for their charities.

“It takes months to plan this event, there is a lot more to plan than people would expect,” Halbrooks said.” It’s a lot of work, but knowing that the efforts go to a good cause really makes it worth it.”

Members of the Alpha Phi sorority said they wanted to show their support for other Greek life members.

“My Alpha Phi sisters and I came to support Sigma K and to scope out how other Greek students put together their events,” Madelyn Williams, accounting freshman, said. “An ice cream sundae party was a really good idea because all the students are walking around after dinner and may want some dessert. Ice cream is great all the time honestly.”

The Sigma Sundae had a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings including but not limited to Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Sigma Kappa also offered hot chocolate, lemonade and water.

“We invited majority of Greek life and it’s great to see them show up in support of our event,” Danielle Grubisic, Sigma Kappa and criminal justice senior, said. “It’s amazing to have alumni to come back and attend events like this, and I can’t wait to do the same. Our time and money go to a great cause, and that is something I will never get tired of seeing.”

Additional reporting by Anna Medina.