Letters to the Editor – Oct. 17, 2012

The Wichitan

Senior supports university president

My name is Joshua Robert Scribner (and I feel it important to include that, because I believe in standing behind your words), and I am a graduating senior this semester. I felt it important to send you this, because I know that it seems like the morale is so low around here and there’s been nothing but negative news all around.

I would like to first say that  [with] your leadership, this university has my 100 percent support. I think that you and your administration do a magnificent job at what you do.

I know that a vast majority of the decisions that you have to make as it pertains to MSU are not easy. It is however, really easy to sit back and throw stones and use 20/20 hindsight to criticize.

We have students (only one of whom I have seen put a name to their words) that have done things from setting up a MWSU Problems Twitter page and again submitting anonymous comments (managing to be racist in the process also), all the way to emailing you, seemingly not showing you and your office the proper  respect.

Protest, protest and more protest, but not offering any solutions and not accomplishing much, but making this university look like a bunch of sailors committing a mutiny  against the captain.

This isn’t productive for any of the parties involved.

I am an American and appreciate the right to protest peacefully, but it feels like this is pointless complaining with no real solutions.

I am sending this letter not only to you, Dr. Rogers, but to the Wichitan as well, I am asking that they run this letter so that some other students may see it and lets all try to make some headway towards solutions together.

I love this university. A house divided will fall and I feel that MSU is headed that way.

I feel as though one of the biggest issues troubling MSU is of course the decline in enrollment.

I think I know a solution to this.

I think one of the biggest issues is the disconnect that is felt by this university to the city of Wichita Falls.

I think that’s what makes the students feel so isolated that a vast majority don’t even stay in town on the weekends (even during football season!)

I think that’s what separates us from places like (and I’m throwing up in my mouth as I say this) WT or even Tarleton.

When you go to Canyon, you feel a sense of community with WT, everywhere you go on game day is maroon and everyone’s still in town.

You feel this in Stephenville (and if you haven’t been, I don’t blame you), everywhere is purple and supporting the Texans. But here, it feels as though the community at large doesn’t support MSU as much as they could.

At games, it sometimes feels like a graveyard.

These things count for people wanting to come here.

As big as football is in Texas, wanting to be a part of a special crowd culture makes people want to go.

This works at UT, A&M and even Tech, with both the latter two also being out in the middle of nowhere.

I think that if we could get a better relationship with the city, it would lead to more enrollment, with a better sense of community.

That’s one of the things that originally made me pick MSU as my college of choice. I think that it’s something that’s been ignored in large part recently.

I believe that this would be a viable way to increase enrollment.

Secondly, we have access to the greatest resources of all – the students! If a problem is not getting people in the local schools to stay in town for college, who better to try and recruit for MSU than the students of MSU?

Why don’t we sponsor alumni days at Rider, Old High, and Hirchshi? Or even the surrounding towns like Burk, Henrietta, Archer, and the like?

Send people that are here at MSU to talk to their former classmates and get them to come?

Same of course goes for those of us here from the metroplex.

MSU would have a bigger presence there if we promoted it to those in our high schools. This would help us reel in some undecided students from the surrounding areas.

I’d be willing to do it for my school, and I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I’m sure there’d be some people willing to do it.

Spirit Days are good and all, but they don’t do much for us if we don’t promote them to the youth coming behind us.

The bottom line is that this letter isn’t meant to skewer anybody, it’s not meant to make anyone feel bad or get upset.

This letter is meant to offer solutions for everyone to help. This letter isn’t meant to make light of the situation or make fun of anyone.

It is a plea from a fellow student (especially one about to graduate) to make this university be the greatest  it can be.

Rather than complaining about the administration and staff, why don’t we make some time to work with them, to make the university better?

It has been really easy up until to regurgitate that slogan that MSU is “my university,” because we haven’t had to do as much work to keep that creed alive.

Now that the going is getting tough, we need to do more to protect that solution.

For those that are here now, for those that have gone on, for those Mustangs that are yet to be. For all of our sakes.

I want this place to be as great as it can be, so my degree means the most it can. I love this place, and I know most students do too. Please.

Lets all work together to make this the best MSU it can be.


Sincerely yours,

Joshua R. Scribner



Homecoming election system needs fixin’

It seems like every year the homecoming elections are a fraud because students just go out and ask for other student’s id numbers.

This year Lacy Talley won the homecoming queen and there are a lot of students who are upset with the fact that she cheated to win!

What will be done to ensure this won’t happen again? When will an investigation take place?

I think this is not just a question of who won the election but rather the greater issue of student conduct and ethics actually being practiced.

What are we teaching all of the students who go to MSU if the administration chooses not to do anything with this?

– Andrew Davis



Electronic cigarettes not tobacco products

I just had a comment about the ‘Up in Smoke’ article.

In the article, it states that the smoking ban on campus includes the use of electronic cigarettes. I’m trying to wrap my head around this as the ban is on tobacco products.

An electronic cigarette is NOT a tobacco product.

It contains nicotine and either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol or a mixture of both.

There have been studies done that say that the use of an e-cigarette is much safer than smoking tobacco and they have been supported by groups such as the American Association of Public Health Physicians as a possible way to save the lives of millions of smokers.

My husband, George, started using an e-cigarette almost 3 years ago and has not touched a cigarette since.

He was a smoker for 14 years prior.

Why ban the use of a device that is safe and has helped many people quit smoking?

All it does is produce vapor that is harmless to the user and those around them.

– Ashley Tipton