Letter to the Editor – October 10, 2012

The Wichitan

I read an interesting letter addressing the poor administrative leadership on the MSU campus and felt inclined to comment on these issues from a student’s perspective.

Anyone can see and feel the low morale of students.

Students are no longer happy to be at MSU and are eagerly and anxiously waiting for either their diploma or acceptance letter to another university.

This school no longer offers students a chance of a real college experience. We can see that faculty members are starting to give up faith in their jobs and in you.

Tuition rates are at an all time high while student services are at the lowest point possible. What have you done to make this “My University?”

I would like to expound on issues that most students share. Under your poor leadership, tuition has increased drastically. I do understand that budget cuts from the state could be partially to blame; however you have broken the MSU promise.

I paid $5,500 for 11 hours of classes. That is absolutely absurd! The university has built green areas that has decreased student parking, which by the way is one of many problems that you have failed to address during your tenure as president.

Also in fall 2011, there was an increase in fees that students would pay for the enhancement of the student center, but to no avail.

The computer lab’s hours have decreased from 24 hours to 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

We still have old and worn out furniture in all rooms of the student center, but new furniture in a house that most, if not all students will never see.

Why does the cafeteria serve food that is neither nutritious nor delicious. Cold burnt pizza is not a proper dinner for anyone each day. Could we at least have another option to study that would remain open until 10 p.m.?

That would be quite difficult seeing as though the student center now closes at 11 p.m. As students, we need multiple locations to study. This is indicative of the overall gpa of 2011 which was 2.48.

Housing rates are steady increasing but the overall worth of campus living does not match up. Where is the Wifi? I’m sure that Wifi for all of the dorms cost less than two brand new police vehicles that were recently purchased. I lived in Sunwatcher Apartment during the 2011-2012 school year.

The cushion of my couch was lower than the chipped up coffee table that sat immediately in front of it. The computers that are in the apartments are outdated and slow. and there are no printers available.

These and other serious issues are the number one reason why most students are choosing to move off campus. I have seen multicultural Greek life become nonexistent due to poor guidance from school officials.

When was the last time you noticed this seriously problem. There is nothing to offer students that are not of the Anglo American cultural. This university completely dies on the weekends. There are no activities that draw students’ interest.

“My University” …I think not.

Students often complained about not being able to get into classes needed for graduation at appropriate times.

Having one or two sections for classes in high demand is unacceptable.

Some students describe this school as a black hole.

You can’t move forward and it is hard to escape.

With a 75 percent retention rate, I understand why.

Mr. President, please do us all the favor and step aside so that the healing from your un-thoughtfulness and uncaring demeanor can begin to heal.

We have tried to be patient and understanding, but enough is enough.

I thank the faculty the member that had the courage to stand for us students.

It is great to see that someone with authority still cares for us, because you don’t.





Cornileus Roberson