Homecoming nominations are a place for just Greeks?

Sarah Long

This week is homecoming, which means one thing only:  let the popularity contest begin. Which isn’t a bad a thing, considering homecoming is just that.

Before I go any further I need to clarify, this is not a hate on Greek rant but more of a statistical approach to homecoming from my own personal prospective.

This year marks my fifth and final homecoming at MSU. In my previous four years, every single person who has won homecoming queen and king have been Greek-affiliated. Whether Panhellenic, Order of Omega or Multicultural, Greek always reigns supreme.

What do Anastasia Reed, Nicole Savage, Valerie Flores, Blanca Garcias, Christopher Carter, Luke Shelton, Chance Gibbs, and Lenny Benton all have in common?

That’s right, they are the homecoming royalty from the last four years, and right again, every single one of them was in a fraternity or sorority.

I could sit and type out all their Greek letters, but you get my point.

I have known many of these people in my time here, and yes some of them were even friends of mine but my question remains, what is the point of a non-greek student campaigning for homecoming king or  queen? History has proven time and time again it’s not worth the effort for non-Greek students.

Students without a Greek platform do not have a large enough voice on the MSU campus. Even a student with multiple affiliations outside of Greek life does not have the numbers to win the title of homecoming king or queen.

The Caribbean Students Organization is the largest student organization on campus and still struggles to be elected a homecoming king or queen.

Last year, two members of CSO were nominated for homecoming court and both walked away without the crown. I have reached out to both people about additional affiliations but did not hear from either.

People will challenge this statistic and say lots of non-Greeks have won prince or princess and even duke. My argument is where are these people when  the king and queen are crowned?

This  year a non-Greek student is in the running for homecoming queen, I am not 100 percent sure what she is affiliated to but Greek isn’t one of them.  It will be interesting to see how well she does up against the Greek army.

This is not meant to upset anyone but rather motivate more students to get involved and change the stereotype.

Go out and get involved, meet people and have the best time of your life. No one said you have to be Greek to win homecoming king or queen. At MSU, we seem to have forgotten that.