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Riley Carr

There are many great reasons why getting involved in Greek life is the right way to go. I personally accredit it as one of the best decisions I have made in my collegiate career, and I’m not just saying that. I know what everyone is thinking: “Another frat boy who’s going to tell me to rush because it changed his life and blah blah blah.” I’ll try to switch it up.

I came into college as a closed-off introvert who would rather stay in his dorm all day, playing video games instead of going out and meeting people — I’m not kidding, I played Dungeons and Dragons. I was that kid. However, with my mom being in a sorority herself, I decided to give rush week a chance. It’s been two years since I joined Sigma Nu, and the amount of knowledge I have received is astonishing.

One of the most important things that being in a fraternity has taught me is how to take a leadership position. By my second semester in the organization, I was in charge of the entire fraternity’s academic endeavors. By my third semester, I became Vice President, and now, as a junior, I am currently the president of Sigma Nu. The road to presidency taught me how to take charge when required and when to step back, letting someone find their own path. I would never have known my own leadership capabilities if I hadn’t gone Greek. I owe a lot of my confidence to the opportunities Sigma Nu has given me.

I know there are a lot of people out there who hear the word “fraternity” or “sorority” and instantly think of movies like Animal House or House Bunny. It’s understandable — there is a lot of negative media surrounding Greek life across college campuses across the United States. One fraternity is getting kicked off a campus for hazing. A sorority is making national news for throwing a party with racist undertones. I won’t deny that those horrible incidents have happened — but they do not represent Greek life as a collective whole.

Yes, we are social organizations, but the point of every organization on campus is to get students involved. The people I call my best friends have all come into my life because of Greek life. One of the biggest reasons I am succeeding in college is because of all the connections I have made by going Greek. We, as a community, have always strived not to just make our community better, but the communities surrounding us better as well. Greek life at MSU alone contributes thousands of community service hours a year. My fraternity brothers and I go down to the food bank regularly to help them pack meals for the poor, or go down to the Humane Society to walk the dogs that have been sitting in kennels all day. We hold study hours for our chapter, making sure that each member is keeping his grades up. It’s not all about the parties, as the media likes to portray.

Going Greek has made my college career, don’t be afraid to let it make yours, too.

Riley Carr is a nursing junior.

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