Students call MSU home

Brendan Wynne

As cars and trucks lined up along Louis J. Rodriguez Dr., resident assistants and volunteers stood tall with their sleeves rolled up, ready to help freshman and returning students into their new homes at MSU.

A collection of view points from Move-In Day:

“I’m excited to live on campus and get involved. Overall, I’m ready for my first year at college.” – Toby Crowley, computer science freshman

“We’re all really excited for today. I’m happy to see all of the new and returning faces here on campus. We can’t wait for them to get moved in to their new homes.” – Kristi Schulte, director of residence life and housing

Malorie Lang, kinesiology freshman, and Emily Lang, radiology freshman, help to set up the beds in their new room. “The university made the transition so smooth. I’m so excited to get moved in.” Malorie said. Photo by Sarah Graves

“We have new items in the concierge station in Legacy. The students have been requesting some of these new, healthier items and now we have them. The students wanted us to be open longer, so now we’re open until 10 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. It’s great for students who don’t necessarily want to go all the way over to the dining hall, and we are happy to announce that we now take credit cards and cash in addition to flex dollars. We’d also like to work with the resident assistants to organize all kinds of fun things to do down here like ping-pong tournaments, karaoke nights, etc. It could be really fun.” – Mueen Patankar, director of dining services

“It’s so hot out here. The process is really smooth and organized, but I’m really excited about being in the college atmosphere.” – Alex Gonzales, nursing freshman

“I’m just trying to get involved this year. I wanted to be a part of the community as a volunteer. As students, we are called to market this place and make it a welcoming environment. I’m most excited for the experience of really getting into the community and culture of the people tat come here. You don’t find a university like this anywhere else in the state, and the community here is so diverse you get to experience so many different cultures.” – Haley Hampton, business administration and marketing sophomore

Jessica Hernandez, nursing sophomore, helps carry furniture into Legacy Hall for new students. Photo by Sarah Graves

“I’m very nervous because everything is new. The school is bigger than what I imagined, but I’m very excited to start.” – Shakira Hernandez, biology freshman

“I’m excited for the new experiences. It’s completely different than high school, but my mom went to school here, so that’s exciting.” – William Sarsfield, business finance freshman

“My favorite part of Move-In Day is that I get to meet all of my new residents. Earlier today I had someone move in at the wrong floor. We had to move all of their stuff to the next floor upstairs. It’s been a crazy day.” – Sarah Bosmans, art junior and resident assistant

“I’m most excited for Round Up Week because I’m a peer counselor. It’s a real change moving all of this stuff to the fifth floor after being in Sunwatcher Clubhouse. I am a double minor, so I have another year. This is my last load to move this shift, so I’m ready to get everyone squared away.” – Kristen Durr, sociology senior

“The whole thing has been a really smooth transition. There haven’t been any hiccups, not yet anyway. I can’t wait to get everything set up.” – Malorie Lang, kinesiology freshman

Kirsten Durr, sociology senior, helps move furniture into Legacy Hall for new students. “I’m so excited for Round Up week, and ready to get everyone squared away.” Photo by Cortney Wood

“I’m really excited for the independence. Everyone here has been so helpful, and that has been a relief. I haven’t met my resident assistant yet, but the volunteers have been so nice. I’m excited to experience dorm life, and everything feels so homey.” – Emily Fillers, radiology freshman

Additional reporting by Kara McIntyre, Cortney Wood, Sarah Graves and Justin Marquart.