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Wichitan ‘bureau’ goes to London

Kara McIntyre

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A view of Big Ben from the bus window in London. Photo by Kara McIntyre

Editor Kara McIntyre and Design Editor Justin Marquart got the experience of a lifetime — they studied abroad at Queen Mary University of London. From July 6 to Aug. 7, they learned the ins and outs of photography and graphic design in England, but in reality, they experienced so much more than that.

Kara’s highlights

  • Getting “lost” at the London Pride Parade and a random guy smacking me on the you-know-what. Definitely the last place I thought I would get groped.
  • Going into the world’s largest Lush store on Oxford Street, meeting a drag king and getting two free bath bombs. Yes, that all happened in that one store.
  • Spending 11 hours on a coach bus to get to Amsterdam, sitting next to the potent urine-smelling bathroom and near three screaming children, only to spend less than 48 hours there before traveling another 11 hours back to England.
  • Watching a live sex show. Don’t ask, just go see for yourself someday.
  • Visiting more museums and design studios than I ever wanted to in my life — but totally worth it.
  • Traveling to Italy with almost zero plans of what we actually wanted to do (just kidding, this was horrible and I strongly suggest planning ahead).
  • Seeing Pompeii, the Colosseum and the Vatican. Oh, and I got to hear the Pope speak.
  • Meeting the most famous graphic designer in the United Kingdom: Peter Saville.
  • Realizing that our American bubble is not even remotely close to how the rest of the world works.
  • How much Brits laugh at American politics — and how obsessed they are with reporting about Trump in their newspapers.
  • Spending way too much money because “it’s London.”
  • Committing myself to going back to the U.K. and Europe someday.

Justin’s highlights

  • Being able to geek/nerd out at the Making of Harry Potter World Tour in London.
  • Visiting four Italian cities — Ercolano, Pompeii, Rome and Venice — within a five-day period.
  • Visiting the wonderful city of Amersterdam.
  • Getting separated from people an having to find your way back to campus when you’re on the other side of town.
  • Learning and riding the London tube system.
  • Being able to travel around London for class instead of being in a classroom.
  • Immersing myself into their culture.
  • Getting to drink legally there since I can’t here (I’ll be 21 soon…ish).
  • Learning that I’m a person that enjoys air conditioning.
  • Learning that there are some people you just don’t travel with.
  • finding out that jet lag is a nuisance.
  • Being able to travel to places I never thought I would go to.
  • Able to cross riding on a ferry off my bucket list.
  • Learning that I have no control when it comes to shopping (R.I.P. to my bank account).
  • Visiting Pentagram, a big graphic design company.
  • Visiting a lot of museums.
  • Not having to worry about how much exercise I did because we would walk a minimum of two miles a day.
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Kara McIntyre, Copy Editor
Kara McIntyre is a copy editor for The Wichitan. She is mass communication senior graduating in May. She’s been involved with newspaper since her sophomore year in high school, where she served as sports editor and assistant editor-in-chief. She started working for The Wichitan after taking Dr. Wilson’s media reporting and writing class, serving as managing...
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Wichitan ‘bureau’ goes to London