Fifth campus sexual assault reported

Bridget Reilly

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The recent Crime and Fire log reports that a victim came forward on June 21 stating that he or she had been sexually assaulted on April 24 in Killingsworth Hall, bringing the total number of reported assaults for the Spring 2017 semester to five.

On the same day and time, another report was filed by a person who said he or she had been assaulted on April 28 at the same location. Both reports state that the victim(s) “declined to provide details of the assault and declined to pursue the matter through the criminal justice system.”

Chief of Police Patrick Coggins said he was unable to provide any further information.

According to the crime and fire log both cases have been suspended, with the possibility of further investigation if new information becomes available.

Kristi Schulte, director of residence life and housing, declined to comment.

The two incidents are two of three reported sexual assaults after the conclusion of the spring semester.

Another report states that on May 18, a “campus security authority reported that a student who wished to remain confidential reported having been the victim of an on-campus sexual assault, sometime during the spring semester of 2017.”

The date, location or offender of the assault was not provided. This case too has been suspended.

These cases bring the total number of reported sexual assaults to five for the Spring semester, with four of the five reports stating the assaults occurred in Killingsworth Hall, a residence hall filled solely by female students until Pierce Hall, a residence hall filled solely by male students, was closed and the male students residing there moved into Killingsworth.


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