Letter to the Editor – October 3, 2012

The Wichitan

How is bringing international people into Wichita a problem?

Not being a Twitter user this is the first I have heard about MWSU Problems Twitter account, which in general seems harmless enough. I guess I get the idea behind the account; having a place to air out frustrations, what I don’t get is that what are they expecting the outcome to be?

Are they expecting changes to be made based on people’s postings on this Twitter page? I doubt very seriously that will happen.

What truly frustrates me is the reaction to the Caribbean population at MSU, #blametheCaribs is absolutely offensive to me. I could not imagine how offensive it is to Caribbean students who see it.

The founder of the page claims that the comments were jokes, well “Dustin” jokes or not these comments make not only MSU students but Wichita Falls look uneducated, racists, unwelcoming and just plain ignorant.

You say your hiding your identity because “It makes you think who is behind this genius Twitter account,” is that the truth? Or is it because you know some people are going to have some strong opinions for you that you don’t want to deal with?

We are lucky as Americans to have freedom of speech but it should go without saying that we need to use our brains and think about the things we say and do.

Using a picture of a MSU building and MWSU in the account name would lead me to believe that this account is coming from the school, an administrator or someone appointed from the student government not a random person who hides behind the site. It should be clear to everyone that this is in no way connected to MSU itself just the random students who wish to be a part of it.

I for one would like to express a sincere apology to everyone these comments offended and let them know that this is not the voice of everyone, just an ignorant few who have nothing better to do than make us all look bad.

I think Raisa Charles deserves to be noticed for taking a stand and actually writing in to the Wichitan expressing her concern and getting people to pay attention to the issue. I would also like to thank the ones who participated in this slander furthering the stereotype that we are “full of rednecks, cowboys and racism.” Last I would like to commend President Jesse Rogers for meeting with Raisa Charles and letting her know how untrue and offensive this information was to most.


Jessica Williams